I have a new blog design (from Pipdig)

Ice Cream

Oh hey – that looks new.

Alright, I didn’t really announce that I was having a refresh. I know on some blogs it’s made into a biggggg thing but I thought – argh flip it. Let’s go for it.

Some of you may have picked up that for the last three years I’ve worked in content creation – specifically digital content for websites, social media etc. THE WHOLE SHEBANG. But, hilariously my blog hasn’t quite kept up. I was still on my little wordpress.com blog and I was still mingling with the free themes where you can’t really change a whole load. I was still using my logo – which honestly I still laveee but my blog felt old. A little tired and really, REALLY unloved.

In my last interview and actually my last job, my blog was a big reason that I was employed. My blog is a living legacy that in all my free time I spend a hella amount of time reading and reviewing books and creating content to share that. Yet, my Instagram hadn’t been touched in months, my twitter was full of hungover memes and a lack of sharing all the exciting books I’ve been reading and none of it linked together. There was no blog brand and yet I spend hours a week coming up with ideas and yet, I just haven’t quite made my blog what I want it to be.


I spent the last couple of months finding blogs that I really, really love and contacted a couple of bloggers as to how they found their blog design and I went from there. One of the big changes was moving from wordpress.com to wordpress.org something I had been looking at for months but too terrified to really do on my own. I love content, I create a lot of content but I’m not massively IT savvy. I can do the odd bits and bobs but I ended up having terrifying dreams that I would lose EVERYTHING.

When I was researching blogs I realised I hadn’t checked my blog statistics in terms of followers for a while and I found that there are nearly 4000 of you and yet I’m not doing the best I can to make my blog as accessible, reader friendly and gorgeous as it could be. So, here we are.


If you’re looking at getting a new design I would definitely recommend Pipdig. One of the really big selling points for me was that if I went through their suggested hosting partner they would move my blog from wordpress.com to org without me having to do anything. Which was – well a massive, massive relief.

I guess the final question would be what do you think? Is it too much of a change. I’ve struggled over the last year to really decide where my blog is going and whether it was worth keeping it all going but this is such a big part of my life I thought – fuck it. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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  1. January 8, 2017 / 5:54 am

    Definitely helpful post. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it. I think before designed a blog should make a plan how to create it. But to remember that in 2017 Google Have liked Simple and eye-catching blog. Although I know that google have own products like Blogger. But I think WordPress is the best for blogging. are you agree with me? and it design groove. Whatever thanks for sharing.

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