Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Books Of (?) Genre

Hellllllllllo readers, the topic for today’s TTT kinda scares me, but mostly because I’m actually not going to do a genre. I’m going to list my top ten favourite books at the moment. I know I’m not the kind of person to really list my ‘favourite’ books but I thought it might be time to tell you which ones make the list time after time after time.

This is my all-time favourite chick-lit book. I have read this maybe eight times and it just makes my heart want to cry a little. It’s one of those books that just makes me so goddamn happy. The characters are really well written and likable, it has exciting sub-stories and it’s just brilliantly written.

This book got me through a hell of a lot and I’m really tempted to read it again soon but I’m a bit worried about the memories it will drag up. That’s the problem with books; I think feelings and memories really stick to the bloody pages and leave you feeling a little like a moron. This book however if you’re feeling heartbroken is a bloody winner.

I  have always adored this book quite a bit; Orwell has forever been an author that has inspired me to write due to the number of different genres and books he has managed to create and craft. This book has given me so many feels and really made me fall in love with Orwell’s writing. He has this way with words that I think no one else has.

This is a book I read recently but that doesn’t mean that it can’t rank highly on my list of fantastic books. I bought this for 20p from a book store that was closing down in Hanley. I picked it up because of the words book club and the cover, covered in leaves. It ended up being a book that helped me breathe again. That helped me realise the person I wanted to be.

This also only recently made it into my top ten books of the moment but it’s one I’m going to read again soon. Sometimes a book only needs to relate a little bit to really make you fall in love with an author. The running, the stress on the main character, the writing style, the beauty of the plot and the running. This book was stunning.

This book, well if you’re yet to read this book then it’s just something you will one day have to get a copy of, sit down and read. This book gave me so many feels, so many shivers. It tells the life of a man that’s going to die, but instead of feeling sad about that he wants to leave lectures that explain, mainly to his children, but also to us, how we can live our lives to the fullest. It’s a stunner.

I feel like the books I’ve picked aren’t very impressive? Like I could have picked 10 super impressive books. Like Ulysses or Great Expectations, but I would rather pick this. It’s a stunning book or romance, love, friendship and forgiveness. Written in an incredible writing style it really is a beauty.

FInally, because there have been two last spots in my list of books for a long time, The Book Thief. I adore this book; it is just the perfect historical fiction – if you haven’t read it you need to because, well, it’s probably top three.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Books Of (?) Genre

  1. scarlett1000 says:

    I could spend all day reading what people list as their favourite reads! I find it fascinating. I think it tells you a lot about a person, but as you say these choices can change probably on an hourly basis! I find narrowing it down impossible. Interesting choices and a couple I am definitely going to add to the tbr pile. Thank you for sharing.

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