The Cursed Princess: A guest post with Chrissy White


The Cursed Princess

Hello readers, hope you’re well. It’s Saturday which isn’t a ‘normal’ posting day for me, but today I have something really special for you. It’s a guest post with Chrissy White talking all about her fantastic new book – ‘The Cursed Princess’. Without further delay let’s get into the Q+A!

“When Arianna is taken ill at the age of 9, only Ellavorn can heal her. In that moment, their lives are changed forever as the seeds of love have been planted. 9 years later, Arianna is faced with the task of choosing a husband. Once she has rejected numerous suitors, Ellavorn proposes.  After the untimely death of her parents, Arianna breaks off her engagement out of grief, and is intent on ruling her kingdom alone. Little does she know of the challenges that she faces, and the hidden family secrets.”

If you were to describe your book “The Cursed Princess” in only three sentences what would you say? (They can be long sentences!) 

 I’ve been told that it has a sort of Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings with a fairy tale element thrown in there.  It’s a story of a young woman who is coming into her own and figuring out how to be a leader along with protecting her people from some pretty scary stuff.  She’s also facing the fact that she has to choose a husband, leaving her with some pretty difficult dilemmas, including a love triangle, which was not planned at all, it just sort of…happened.

What would say the genre of your book is? Does it fit into just one genre or is it a little more mixed? 

 It’s a Young Adult Fantasy.  There’s a mixture of different influences as well.  I love to read, and so I have a ton on influences on my imagination.


Who is your favourite character from the book? Arianna stands centre stage but is she your favourite? 

 This is such a hard question because I truly love my characters…all of them.  Arianna is definitely one of my favorites.  She’s got a very strong personality.  She’s stubborn, but she knows in her heart that she has to do what is right for her people.  I love them all for different reasons, but I guess I would have to say Arianna is my favorite since we’re getting to know her the best.

Is there anything in the book you wish you had changed now that it’s out there in the world; a different sub-plot or maybe a new character completely? (I love asking this question!) 

 Aha, now you’re making me question myself.  I hadn’t really thought about it.  But, with these characters, they kind of tell the story themselves, so I can’t really saw that I would change anything.  I’ve been reading the book to my daughter, 2 chapters at a time, and I really can’t think of a different way to go with anything just yet.

So this is the first book in the series? I think we know there’s going to be more in the series but do you have an idea of how many? 

 I am planning on this being a trilogy.  I didn’t want to put trilogy, though, because I never know where these characters are going to take me, and I don’t know if they’re planning on wrapping things up with a neat little bow.

Alongside “The Cursed Princess” and books to follow in the series, do you have any other books, or plans to write more? 

 This is my very first novel!  I’ve written short stories all my life, but never had enough material to write a full novel, let alone a series.  As for life after Eumetadotos, I hope to write more.  I just have to see where my imagination takes me.


Chrissy White was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, where she still lives with her husband and two daughters. She has always had a love of reading. As a child, her mother would read “normal” children’s stories to her brother and her, while her father would tell them stories from The Lord of the Rings, and other series like them. This inspired a love of fiction and fantasy that still prevails today. She has always loved to write, and has had several poems published by the National Library of Poetry. 

This book is honestly fantastic and the cover, well, utterly stunning isn’t it! We’ve given you a little bit of an insight into this fantastic book but if you want to know more or order a copy (which I would definitely recommend,) here are some links! 








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