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Disclaimer:  Pokemon Go belongs to Niantic and Nintendo, please don’t sue me.

Okay, I just want to say a massive thank you to Aentee @ Read at Midnight for such a bloody fantastic tag. Firstly what a clever idea, and secondly the imagery is GORGEOUS. Also I thought I would just let you know – I TRIED MY BEST TO NOT GET POKEMON, then I gave in, downloaded it and reached level 20 and joined team Instinct so. There we go.


NIL. Link back to my blog is appreciated but optional. Feel free to use my graphics. Tag people, don’t tag people, whatever. Just have fun!


When I played Pokemon on le Gameboy I always picked Squirtle but I said I wouldn’t get obsessed with Pokemon Go so I just randomly clicked Charmander. Now I’ve never seen a Bulbasaur. (SAD FACE) 

For the bookish equivalent, some of my first English language books were by Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson and the Judy Moody books. I was lucky at school that I was pretty good at reading and could read whatever I wanted but those were some of ma faves.


I still haven’t encountered a Pikachu in the game but I did help T pick him as a starter and then he found both Squirtle and Charmander on his first day! 

Iconic classic I’ll always love? I’m not going to pick HP because I’m sure everyone will so I’m going to pick  The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It’s a beautiful book and it’s such a fun book to read.


GO AWAY ZUBAT – seriously if you’re playing Pokemon I bet you’ve SERIOUSLY had a friggen nuff of Zubat. 

I think maybe Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – I thought about reading it but I’ve kinda changed my mind now. We’ll see – maybe I’ll get back into it.


Look how cute Ditto issss, although very, very elusive. 

Hmmmmmmm I think maybe Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 and maybe Out by Nastsuo KIrino. I’m not saying that these books are similar because they are placed in the same location and therefore have the same cultural/social themes. I mean they do but that’s not why I’ve picked them.

They both have the same languid but heavily description based writing style. They really focus in on the action, but in a spot that you wouldn’t always be looking. They take your eye away from the main screen and direct you towards something else – it’s a really fascinating technique which not only engrosses you further in the book but forces you to see what the author is seeing. Both in their own rights are fantastic authors.


I actually have a snorlax called Snorzy and he is my favourite pokemon. EVA. 

LOLOLOLOLOL Game of Thrones. I really want a series to get into and I think this one could be the one but it’s so terrifying that I don’t know what to do with myself. I wouldn’t be worried about spoilers because I tend to come to things like 1458959940 years too late – like I just finished Prison Break and House of Cards in the last few months, but the sheer size of GOT is scary. Like hella scary.


I love Gengar, love him but I don’t have one yet! I do have a Haunter though which is pretty sweet so we’ll see. Ghastly’s are pretty common where I am. 

I’m currently reading Hard Girls by Martina Cole. It’s not very scary but the fact that I’m 300 pages in and still WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE KILLER IS. It’s firstly a little frustrating but it’s actually the first serial killer book I’ve read that’s focused so much on the actual lives of the detectives solving the puzzle. I just want to get through it now and find out what happens.


I REALLLLLLY REALLLLLY want a Nidoking, but one hasn’t appeared for me yet. Maybe soon, we’ll see. 

I’ve always wanted Luna and Neville to get together because I think they would be just perfect! I love how geekishly similar they are (in a good way,) but then they’re both just freakishly brave and awesome too.


HOW FREAKING COOL IS RAPIDASH. I haven’t even spotted this one yet. Great job Lizzy and your rubbish tracking skills. 

I’m going to go for Reinheit by Thomas Flowers, not only is he an indie author so that’s pretty cool but also it’s a really exciting, heart plummeting book. Perfection. See my review HERE too  


I know Eevee’s are super-duper common but I love seeing them – I think Vaporeon is my favorite but I cannot wait for the other evolution’s of Eevee to join Pokemon Go. 

I think I would have to pick The Nighthawk Series by Rachael Richey. I know that I’m actually behind on this because I’m actually currently super addicted to crime novels with serial killers because I’m cool, but I will get round to reading all of these.

I feel like this is a series that could go on for agez – in a good way.


I currently have 73 Magikarp candies which is so many any from the 400 I think I need? How have people caught so many Magikarps. ARE PEOPLE CHEATING.

I think I’m going to pick The End of the World Running Club. I picked this up in the London Euston WhSmith with no information really on what the book was about and I don’t normally do that because TRAIN STATIONS BOOKSTORES ARE SO EXPENSIVE.  This however was super good, see my review HERE.


Probably will never ever get these Pokemon but a girl can dream. 

I also like Aentee have still not read the Percy Jackson series but it’s been on my TBR list in the past so maybe I will still give it a go. I need a new series to read because I want to create a couple of new features on my blog and I think ‘LIZZY ACTUALLY READS POPULAR BOOK SERIES’ could be a good one? We’ll see – this could be the first series.


I thing back in the day Char actually caught a Mew but we couldn’t control it at all! I don’t know whether the game spammed or anything but it was just a bloody nightmare but we did catch one. 

This Sherlock Holmes set is utterly stunning and T and I have a bit of a thing where we try to outdo each other on the presents we get each other. SOOOO….. *hint hint nudge nudge*


Is it just me or do 10K eggs actually never, ever, ever appear. I’ve had one so far which is so frustrating because HOW AM I GOING TO GET AN ONIX.

Debut novel I’m excited for? This one.



I’ve used a couple of Lure’s because the Whether-spoons (#classy) in Hanley is a Pokestop and for some reason you can get GPS inside. I mean it’s not particularly social but take a couple of friends who are also addicted to Pokemon and it’s a pretty great social excursion. 

Auto-buy? I would have said J K Rowling but I haven’t been able to buy Harry Potter and The Cursed Child because I’m not sure I’m ready for it. I think maybe Dorothy Koomson. Her books always make me smile at least.


I haven’t actually experienced the server’s being down because TYPICAL LIZZY LATE TO THE PARTY  it was over a month after in launched in the UK that I downloaded Pokemon, but yes this would be annoying. 

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE  a sequel to Remember to Breathe by Simon Pont but I’m pretty sure that’s never ever going to happen. We’ll see eh.

RIGHT, I think I have completely given away how obsessed I am with Pokemon Go and how I should keep it as far away from my blog as possible. This tag was utterly fantastic and took me forever to do but I loved it! If you do want to do the tag I’ve linked the original post above so enjoy! AND GO TEAM INSTINCT. 



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