Escape To Wonderland Colouring-book

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Helllllllo readers, slightly different book review today because this one is for COLOURING, not for words which is always pretty cool. I’ve written a couple of reviews for colouring books, but, this might just be my favourite. Why you ask? Well let’s find out.

Escape to Wonderland is an enticing, extraordinarily intricate and beautiful colouring book filled with highly detailed line artwork that allows the magical fantasy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to be brought to be life in an entirely unique way.  Pivotal moments from the story of Alice are scattered throughout for inspiration, and there are spaces left within some of the compositions for individual design and embellishment.

This highly original, exquisite colouring book for older children and adults alike is in a handy-sized square format, a perfect size to carry around in your handbag or schoolbag with a tin of crayons – you’ll be ready to colour and relax wherever and whenever the moment takes you.

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So, the first thing I wanted to say, is this book is utterly gorgeous and is ESSENTIAL to any Alice in Wonderland fan! I have to say this though, because all the 1* reviews on Amazon are because of this, it is smaller than most of the colouring books, but to be honest with you I found that this made it a lot less intimidating because the images aren’t huge, but also it means it’s perfect for taking with you, on the train or on a holiday trip where you need a chill out.

The book does have a softback cover which although might seem a little dangerous with a book of this size, but the cover is almost the double thickness of cardboard and folds in itself so when it opens up you have a stunning image of different mystical things including owls, mushrooms and pocket watches (I’m late – hint, hint.) The cover is utterly STUNNING. It has silver and gold foiling with blue details, and it just feels so luxurious.

In total the book has 96 pages which are double sided with images and each is border-less which means that the pages do get a little lost between the spine but this hasn’t been an issue for me so far and not all of the images are spread over two pages. It does have quite a tight spine but it does relax quite easily but I haven’t damaged it yet so fingers crossed it stays in good condition. The pages are cream and are a little textured but they are so much better than the other colouring books I have had because they have more of a thickness to them. I have used pens on it, the thin nibbed type and they don’t seem to be leaking through – I haven’t finished an entire image yet but, so far it’s good!

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One of the things I have seen is that some colouring books, especially those that are directed towards mental health, do have difficulty levels. So some are more complicated than others. This doesn’t, but it does create a much more cohesive feel to the book. Additionally what I UTTERLY LOVED, was that the pages are not only in the same order as the story, which allows you to get really engrossed, but also most of the pages have a quote from Alice in Wonderland so you know where you are, although if you’ve read the story you’ll get it, but it’s nice to have a little reminder.

In terms of the images, they are all so beautiful and so wonderfully drawn. So many of the images include animals, scenes and objects from the story and the films and I struggled to pick one image that I liked the most. Some of the images I have coloured do have sections that don’t connect, which at times can be a little confusing but I think it’s so it fits with the surreal feel of Alice in Wonderland. All the classic characters are there including the caucus race, the croquet match and meeting the giant caterpillar.

I would definitely recommend this book. I received it from a friend and to be honest with you, she got it utterly spot on. An evening with a face-mask on, a cup of tea, watching How to Train your Dragon and eating hella handfuls of minstrels was just beautiful. This transported me to a really happy place and into the wonderful world of Wonderland.

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