Top Ten Tuesday REWIND – My Ten OCD Bookish Habits.

I feel like singing the CHA CHA SLIDEEE on today’s post

Turn it out
To the left
Take it back now y’all
One hop this time
One hop this time
Reverse (reverse)
Slide to the left
Slide to the right
Reverse, reverse
Reverse, reverse

Cause we’re going back in time on this weeks TTT and picking a topic that we haven’t done before and I decided to choose this one. I was recently on a train and a man came and chatted to me about the book I was reading. Now, I’m pretty sure he was a little bit tipsy but he was a wonderful guy and I had a lovely chat to him between London Euston and Northampton. He asked me a lot about my reading habits and I thought I do have a hella load of weird reading habits and I wanted to share them with you. SO, enjoy (REVERSE REVERSE.)


This is a common one, but I know people who read further into the book whilst they’re reading. Like I’m sorry no,

BUYING TEN MILLION BOOKMARKS (and still folding over the bloody corner on books!!)

I have so so so so many bookmarks – an @ sign, a dog, a spider, one that looks like a tongue, a magnetic one, and at least two Harry Potter ones, but I just never use them. Instead I’m still folding over the corners on book covers BECAUSE I AM THE WORST.

If I really, really, reaaaaally, love a book, never watching the film.

Still haven’t seen The Book Thief, I just can’t. Although saying this I did adore Ps. I Love You, so maybe I’ll have to change this one.

Reading a fantastic book by an author but never reading another book by them, (cause I’m an idiot.)

I think I do this because I don’t want to read a book that might ruin that first book.  So even though I adore Any Human Heart by William Boyd I haven’t read anything else. Even though the Book Thief is one of my favorites books like ever I haven’t read anything else by Marcus Zusak. WHY (cause I’m an idiot.)

Re-reading books around the same times of year.

It’s like Harry Potter at Christmas it’s one of those things you do. It’s the same with lots of books for me – if I’m lost in the world there’s a book for that, if I’m heartbroken there’s a book for that. Throughout my life, books have been a comfort blanket and yep, basically I’m a terror for re-reading books around the same times of year.

I can’t read on sofa’s. 

So stick with me on this one, I never read on the sofa because I CAN NEVER GET COMFY. Train bundled up against someone, no problem. Snuggled up in the bath, lol no problem. Wrapped up in bed, no problem. On the bus bumping about no problem. The sofa is a problem though – soz guys I’m a nutter.

never throwing books away.

This one is becoming a bit of a problem to me honest with you but I can’t just give books away. It’s just too bloody difficult. Instead I need to find a home for them; with other people, at charity shops, sent to other bloggers but honestly I find it impossible to part with books. Recently I cleared the entirety of my room, threw away six bags of random shit but the bag of books. Still sat at the end of my bed.

Reading a book from the library then maybe three years later buying a copy.

^ DUE TO SAID ISSUE, I often read a book, then I let it linger in my mind and if it’s still there in three years or so I will buy a copy. IT MAKES NO SENSE. It would be better if I just read ARC copies on my laptop for example and then bought the books that I love in paper-copy but I seem unable to do this. I’m a mixed-up kinda lass.

I think I might leave this post here – I know there are only 8 but I feel like I might have given enough away already. God I’m such a mess of a reader.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday REWIND – My Ten OCD Bookish Habits.

  1. cassidygott says:

    I can’t get rid of books either! I have a whole shelf of books that I didn’t care for but I cannot get rid of them! You are not alone in this! Also, I’m with you on the reading a book from the library and then buying a copy. I just chalk it up to being a book hoarder lol 🙂

    • littlebookblog says:


      I hope that one day when I have my own house I can buy all the books I utterly love and have a library – but at the moment I have to get rid of all the books I’ve got and actually rebuy the ones I like damn it!!

  2. Ceillie Simkiss says:

    I used my moving as an excuse to finally donate a bunch of books. I think I donated 60+ books to a local thrift store (many of which I bought there originally) a few months ago, and it made it easier for me to see what I don’t actually want on my shelves. I’ve got like 6 books that I’ll be donating to my boyfriend’s mom’s classroom this weekend, but I’ve also got 3 more coming in the mail in a few weeks. I definitely wait a while before buying books that I read, mostly cause I’m not rolling in money enough to buy all of the books I read and enjoy.

    • littlebookblog says:

      I’m one of the people that binge buys books and then when they arrive finds homes for all my more unwanted books but it’s such a chore!

      Also so many people send me books I’m constantly wading through the pile that I need to rehome 😦

  3. Lucy says:

    haha I’m so the same with not watching movies! Funnily enough of the few book-to-movie’s I have caved and watched is The Book Thief and I soooooo regretted it, so I think you’re def making the right decision!! x

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