6 things I learnt on my blogging break!

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Hello readers, it’s FriYAY and it’s time for a bookish post from yours truly. I wanted to talk about blogging and the bookish break I took. When I started this blog I never thought I would take time off and if I did I assumed it would be for work or for holiday but it ended up being grief that really took me away from this platform and I wanted to talk about all the things I’ve learnt.

It’s okay to step back

When I saw bloggers taking blogging breaks I never really understood why but, I now understand. Whatever pressures there are, even if they seem insignificant, sometimes we just need some breathing space. #amIright.

It’s okay to STOP and then think

We live in a world of notifications, of buzzes, and bleeps. During my blogging break I stepped back completely; only today did I even open my blogging email to survey the damage and I didn’t pick up a book for over two weeks. It’s okay to take time to repair.Β 

It’s okay to switch off

One of the things I spent a lot of time doing was thinking of ways I could freshen up my content and make it more, interesting and exciting. When you’re blogging 24/7 it’s difficult to find time to step back and look at what you’re putting out there. I spent evenings doodling things down, making new imagery, and started to take photographs of new books.

It’s okay to change how you’ve ALWAYS done things

For at least the past year I’ve posted three reviews a week and the pressure of that has been so destructive. I love reading, I love reviewing but it doesn’t mean it all has to go on the blog, or be written about. Stepping back has shown me I want to write more posts about products, about things that I use to run my blog, and things like that. It’s okay to change your goals.

Β It’s a good idea to lay out clear goals for the future

Do you have clear direction for next month? Or for 2017? Okay, maybe don’t be too crazy with planning WAAAAAY into 2017 but I realised I didn’t have any goals and that is silly as a blogger. I mean I work in digital marketing and IT’S ALL ABOUT GOALS.

It’s a good time to get hella reading done

I used the month or so to reallllllly get my butt back into reading for fun, rather than for writing a blog post. Blogging was always a space where I read and then reviewed, not created a plan that said there must be a blog post, today, Wednesday and Friday. Reading should be fun not a chore and stepping back helped me remember this.

I guess that’s it – six things I learnt. I mean these aren’t the craziest, or most shocking things I’ve learnt but I felt pressured to not take a break and it’s okay. If you need it, if you want to, if you’re tired of blogging, take some time to mentally and physically step back. It could just do the world of good.

5 thoughts on “6 things I learnt on my blogging break!

  1. brmaycock says:

    Thanks for this, I get a bit panicy lately as am trying to write read and blog and my reviewing has definitely taken a hit, have a line of books read that I haven’t gotten reviews done for and when I panic it means I’m less productive in every way. Great post, sometimes we need reminding of common sensical stuff so thanks again!

    • littlebookblog says:

      Definitely listen to what you need to do and don’t be worried about taking time off. If people love you and what you write they will wait and come back!

      I needed time to find what I actually wanted to read/write about and now I feel 100% better about my blog in general πŸ™‚

      also thank you for commenting I’ve just followed your blog πŸ˜€ xxxx

  2. Suzanne Paschke says:

    Those notifications, buzzes and beeps drive me batty at times, so the thought of stepping away from them guilt free appeals to me greatly. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the expectations of them and forget to stop and smell the roses, or the rain, or the … well, the whatever that floats your boat.

    • littlebookblog says:

      I must admit I have taken a couple of digital detoxes recently and I’ve actually got a post coming up that explains what I do πŸ˜€

      hahah freshly cut grass I think would be mine πŸ˜›

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