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Hellllo readers – SUPER INTERESTING BOOK TODAY.  I read a book by Mark Billingham called Buried and it’s the first book in ages that has made me really angry. I thought it was going to be amazing and it was just rubbish, really rubbish. Any, spoke to my sister a weekend or so ago and told her how annoyed I was and she told me I had read the crap book she had by him and to read this one. AND? Well, it was FANTASTIC and I’m going to tell you why.

It seems like a straightforward domestic murder until a bloodstained sliver of X-ray is found clutched in the dead woman’s fist – and it quickly becomes clear that this case is anything but ordinary.

Thorne discovers that the victim’s mother had herself been murdered fifteen years before by infamous serial killer Raymond Garvey. The hunt to catch Garvey was one of the biggest in the history of the Met, and ended with seven women dead.

When more bodies and more fragments of X-ray are discovered, Thorne has a macabre jigsaw to piece together until the horrifying picture finally emerges. A killer is targeting the children of Raymond Garvey’s victims.

Thorne must move quickly to protect those still on the murderer’s list, but nothing and nobody are what they seem. Not when Thorne is dealing with one of the most twisted killers he has ever hunted…

A chilling, relentlessly paced thriller, Bloodline is the most gripping Tom Thorne novel yet.


So, I’m not going to go into too much detail about the blurb because it’s all there – it’s a very extensive blurb actually and I don’t want to give away any more plot spoilers. The book throws us straight into the action; Debbie and her challenged son Jason are about to jump from a bridge in front of a train. Then we’re whipped away, back to the death a young woman who is found with a piece of plastic found in her hand. DCI Thorne needs to find the motive behind the murder. At this point Thorne and his girlfriend Louise find out some really horrible news – the author really works around this and uses it within the plot to create subplots that integrate with the murder investigation really well.

The writing is really exciting; the crime ^ as explained the blurb annoyingly, is really exciting. The murders come thick and fast and Thorne has to try and place them together, their time of death and why it’s all happening. There are twists and turns, there’s a red herring or two, it’s fast paced and exciting and it’s just great. Later on we get to see into the mind of the murder, which I normally dislike. I kind of like to feel like I’m only in the mind of the detective so you’re fully engaged in the plot from the detective POV but it worked. It was just enough. I loved that Hendricks was back; a little wobble I wish we got to learn more about him, the heavily tattooed and pierced pathologist is a really big part of the story and I just wish I got to know more about him.

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As always Tom Thorne is the disallusioned detective you just can’t help but love – he has this hard exterior and yet as he has to deal with the stresses and emotional pain of the situation he and Louise are in, it means he’s constantly evolving and changing and although we never get a description as such of him, we create Thorne in our own minds making him a lot more personal and helping us interact with him. Additionally unlike Buried although there were lots of characters, they were written and had enough characteristics to distinguish between them.

So, the big question – what did I think? I loveddd this book, it had everything I wanted from a crime thriller –  in contrast to Buried, the murder was really well constructed; it was integrated throughout, the murdered was constantly involved. One of the major wobbles with Buried was when I got to the end I didn’t know who the murderer was! Here I was so engaged I didn’t want to put this down, and immediately after picked up another Billingham book. Overall, this is much better than Buried and I can’t wait to read more!





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  1. creativelymeblog says:

    Sounds good. I may have to check this one out. If you like mystery check out the Bailey Weggins Mystery series by Kate White. I recently read one of the books, there’s a short review on it in my blog.

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