Ten of my most recent disappointing reads *booo*


Heeeeelllllo readers, hope you’re well! Today’s post is a little disappointing but I reaaaaly wanted to use today’s post to have a bit of a moan. Today’s post topic was as below, so there was a lot to work around.

10 Of My Most Recent 5 Star Reads (Or Ten Of The Best Books I’ve Read Recently if you don’t 5 star stuff…or you could do 5 of my latest five star reads & five of my most disappointing or 1 star reads)

I have decided, to have a bit of a moan about a number of books that left me feeling a little cold. So without delay – ON TO THE LIST.

Oh, this book –  I can’t believe how disappointing this was. I think it was the reviews I saw, I mean you can see the one’s on the front. It was good but I was expecting it to be funny and laugh out loud and it was actually a cynical type of funny. Not quite what I was expecting. 

Oh this book was JUST SO BAD. Not only did the main character make a royal mess of the crime that was being investigated (the beating of her fiancée’s brother) but she could barely make a sensible decision throughout the entirety of the book – oh my life. See my whole review here. 

This book was SO CONFUSING AND MESSY. It follows the relationship between Jake and Desi who after an evening of unprotected sex (STILL SO ANNOYED AT THIS,) Desi finds not only that she is pregnant but that her and Jake are working in the same workplace (DUH, DUH, DUHHHH.) This sounds interesting but it really fell flat #sadface. 

These are allllll really recent books which makes me really sad. 2K16 hasn’t been my best start im terms of reading unfortunately. This book had great potential which surprised me but unfortunately it just didn’t mesh properly. The characters were good but the plot didn’t make sense at all times and a lot of the decisions made little sense – #notcool. 

I’ve been writing a funny series of reviews of these books; the ‘his indecent lessons,’ and it’s been a lot of fun writing them but if I’m honest the books haven’t been remotely good. The sex scenes are the only thing they really have going for them – the rest is over worked, laboured and ridiculous mush. 


I actually feel really sad for the writer of this book because the reviews are just, well overwhelmingly negative. I can’t lie it’s a really undeveloped and confusing book and must admit I’m a little surprised the 1*’s don’t trump the 5* but I guess we all like different things and that tends to be a good thing. 


This is a book from a little while back but it’s always been one that confuses me. It has so many 5* reviews on Goodreads but this book I really, reaaaaally struggled with. Maybe I’m the only one? Let me know. 

You know it’s sometimes fun to trawl through Goodreads and look at bad reviews, have we all done that? No? Oh just me – this one has got some of the wittiest responses. It’s another book that completely confuses me in terms of the number of positive reviews; it was a struggle for me. 


Another real struggle for me – a thriller book that just didn’t really have the THRILL I needed and instead fell flat. It also had the annoying thing in crime books where I had no idea whether a character was male or female because of constant surnames and at the very end, the killer was someone I couldn’t even remember. Just not worth a read. 


Finalllly another book from my Kindle list – this book had a really good premise but didn’t quite deliver. It tried to integrate too many plot bits and bobs and it just didn’t  connect everything together – overall a difficult book for me. 

So there we go, ten books I tried to love but just didn’t get. Most of them I actually got to the end of in terms of reading which I think surprised me but either way these are books that did disappoint me. If you’ve read any of these, or have comments on any of these let me know in the comment!

16 thoughts on “Ten of my most recent disappointing reads *booo*

  1. Tom Williams says:

    I once reviewed for a (now defunct) review site that sent me fairly random stuff – some ‘proper’ published books and some indie stuff which varied from excellent to embarrassingly awful. When I read ‘The Marriage Bargain’ I just assumed it was an indie book and I was shocked to discover it was a best-seller. I’m not a big romance fan (it’s been remarked on recently) but, even within the rules of the genre, this book was just a mess. I ought to dig the review out and blog it, I guess. The point I made is that there are lots of people who can do this stuff and do it really well. Given that, why people paid real money for this rubbish I have no idea.

    • littlebookblog says:

      It really was a mess wasn’t it – I bought it for super cheap or free and I just wish I hadn’t; it really wasn’t worth the time wasted trying to read it. I must check out your blog 😀 thank you for commenting!

  2. Georgia Rose says:

    One of those lists authors view cautiously through their fingers first then breath a sigh of relief to find they are not on… 😉 I haven’t read any of these so can make no further comment on your comments Lizzie, sorry 🙂

  3. sjhigbee says:

    Oh, I’ll entirely echo your feelings about the Sue Townsend, Lizzie! I’ve read a couple of her Adrian Mole diaries and really enjoyed them – but to be honest, this one made me want to cry. It is well written, but she seemed so ovewhelmingly sad and adrift and no one really cared or made an effort to reach out and find out WHY she couldn’t face her life anymore to the point where she retreated to her bed. Why anyone wants to laugh at what seems to me a modern-day tragedy is absolutely beyond me…

    • littlebookblog says:

      ^ literally that sums up exactly how I felt – it was supposed to be funny and instead it was just exhausting! Reviewing it was really stressful getting across how I felt about it – also I had waited ages to read this – building it up and up and then it was just really sad 😦

      • sjhigbee says:

        Thank goodness! I was listening to someone talk about this book at a party – saying how it made them laugh out loud and I kept wondering if we’d read the same book!

    • littlebookblog says:

      It’s been rubbish! Seriously 😦 although I have read two really good books this weekend – Bloodline by Mark Billingham and What to do when somebody dies by Nikki French and they were both Super good!!!

  4. Persia Karema says:

    I must agree with you with Buried by Mark Billingham. I had to start from the beginning twice, yet still could not finish it. Shame really, as Sleepy Head, The Burning Girl, Lazy Bones and Scaredy Cat are good reads.

  5. Green Embers says:

    So we should have a new scale for rating bad things — is it better or worst than Batman v Superman :lol

    Anyway, hope your 2016 reading gets better. I know when I hit a few bad patches of books it puts me off reading for a bit.

  6. Caroline Cairn says:

    I haven’t read any of those, but your comments on some of them, that you couldn’t understand the positive reviews, made me smile. I notice that I rarely agree with the majority, particularly regarding massive best sellers (unless we’re talking Stephen King). Just like I can’t understand why most aren’t singing the praise of a book I loved instead of criticizing it 😀
    My favourite books seem to fall in the in-between, with lots of contrasting views from readers.
    So maybe I should check out High heels in New York then lol.

  7. Tom Williams says:

    I’m totally with you on ‘The Marriage Bargain’. I used to review for a (now defunct) book blog and they sent a whole range of different kinds of books – some regular published and some indie. The indies covered the whole range from unreadable (like not formatted) to unexpected gems. When I read ‘The Marriage Bargain’ I just assumed it was a badly written indie offering. As you know, I’m not a Romance fan, but this didn’t seem to work even within the genre. I was absolutely astonished to learn it was a best-seller. So strange, when you think how many better romances there are out there.

    I should dig out my review and post it on my blog.

    [Apologies if this is duplicated. I posted earlier, but it seems to have vanished.]

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