One Night With You by Candace Schuler

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Hellllllllllllo readers, it’s time to dip into Lizzo’s trashy Kindle buys. I seem to always buy really trashy romance books on my Kindle. I think mainly because they;re really cheap when you buy them in the Kindle Version and I have no space for physical books so I tend to buy cheap, trashy, romances. (Don’t judge.) Anyway, I reaaaally like reviewing these so #noshame. ENJOY!

For Desi, it was a chance to make her fantasies come true. For Jake, it was a night of mind-blowing sex. It wasn’t supposed to lead to anything more.

Now Desi and Jake must decide if that one night of passion—and a baby girl—can turn into a lifetime of love.

^ that blurb is not great; don’t you hate it when the author doesn’t give you anything to really get your teeth into. It’s like picking up a cupcake and thinking its chocolatey and instead it’s carrot cake – WE NEED TO KNOW THE INGREDIENTS. So, I’ll give you a bit more of an insight. After a passionate night of well y’know (I will mention the lack of protection later,) our male protagonist Jake, leaves for a location shoot and our leading lady Desi later finds out she is expecting; what she doesn’t expect is that she ends up working on Jake’s film as a make-up artist ie MASSIVE EXPLOSIVE MEETING. We watch as they try to work around each other whilst their former past constantly gets in the way.

Right, so what did I think of this book; erm. Well you know me I love a trashy book but this was a little too stereotypical. I mean being a make-up artist and sleeping with an actor, same location that kind of thing – it felt a little obvious. Desi as a character is incredibly annoying (might be the word) I mean she keeps the baby a secret, refuses to communicate with Jake and ends up making a lot more trouble than is needed. Jake is a total hot-head and continually explodes around her, grabbing at her and being a general nightmare. The passion is obviously there and I enjoyed the push-pull of it, but I felt the characters at times were a little one-dimensional. The author makes the characters, starts to build on them and then they become monsters – Desi is irrational and exhausting and she can’t make up her mind what to do. Jake is written like a hot mess but he’s a just bit too angry to really come across in an attractive way really.

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Additionally, whilst Desi is pregnant she has the chance to meet up with Jake and he accepts meeting up with her; but she never turns up. She does feel uneasy about it – but then when they do meet up on the film set you can understand his anger because one, he was stood up, and two, he doesn’t know that she’s pregnant, so her quite angry responses to him are really quite, irrational. He’s angry probably because he did want the chance to talk to her but she never allows it. Oh it’s just one big mess.

One of the really silly things, and I know it happens in books but there is a certain understanding in the time that we live that there are ways of protecting against not only the arrival of small children, but also dangerous STI’s and the like. I understand the author, using this as plot, it’s not new, but it just feels a little unnecessary. There are ways of doing it and working around it without you know, not even including the mention of it really.

So did I enjoy this? Kind of. I mean I didn’t hate it and a lot of the elements I thought could have made a good story. I thought the immediate attraction between them was good, the immediate creation of the characters was good. The lack of talk about protection and using it I still think should not be used really – it’s not clever, it’s not safe and it’s unnecessary! I think this is the perfect, cheap-ish beach read, one a towel with some wine, sunglasses on, where you don’t need a lot of concentration. It’s an okay read but no more than that.




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