The Marriage Bargain by Sandra Edwards

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Helllllo readers, hope you’re well! It’s Saturday and I’ve been going through a pile of Amazon and Goodreads reviews so hopefullllly they’re all on their now. Quick question for other book bloggers – do you put your reviews on and/or I’ve always put mine on the British version of the site but just wondered whether I should be putting them on both? Comment below and help meeee. Enough of that, time for another review! ENJOY!

Camille Chandler is a tabloid journalist whose career is right on track–until her boss sees a curious ad in the L.A. Trades.

Wanted: Single actress for an extended gig abroad.

France’s mega-rich playboy Julian de Laurent is up to something and Camille’s boss expects her to find out what. Who knew the eccentric gazillionaire was looking to hire a temporary wife?

When Camille refuses to accept Julian’s proposal–and secretly write a juicy tell-all about the de Laurent family–she’s fired and left financially destitute, forcing her to entertain Julian’s proposal for real.

But what’ll happen at the end of the contract period, after Camille has spent six months as the wife of a man she learns is capable of stealing her heart?

Is it bad I’m excited to review this book because it’s a little bad? Ah well – the book follows the life of the wealthy Julian who decides that we wants to hire a wife (yes, hire a wife) for five years; FIVE YEARS, so that he won’t be forced to marry the woman that has been chosen for him by him  by his wealthy family; Right. Camille, our female protagonist who works for a gossip magazine is on a mission to find out what Julian is up to (him being a wealthy play-boy/celebrity type character) and she pretends to be an actress to meet him and discuss his proposal – 5 million dollars to pretend to be his wife? Will she accept.

So, the plot seems just a little ridiculous to start off but I started off feeling positive; maybe a brilliant writing style and well written characters could pull it back. But immediately it gets a little messy. Camille turns down the offer from the magazine – as in to marry Julian and spy on him but a page later she calls Julian and says she will marry him but off her own back. There definitely could have been a really interesting plot-twist there; we get to see it from both points of view. Camille working for the magazine and slowly falling for Julian but no.

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Unfortunately and a little expected Camille and Julian fall for one another incredibly quickly. Camille is a very soft character and she immediately struggles with her feelings for Julian; the author tries to work with Camille and make her struggle with her emotions but she’s pretty happy just to be looked after by the quite obnoxious Julian. Why do authors think that all billionaires are horrible people – ALWAYS. So Julian is your stereotypical arrogant grumpy, character who can’t really give Camille the time of day but is also massively attracted to her *SHOCK.*

There’s also a weird part where Madeline (the woman Julian was supposed to marry) starts meddling in everything; turning up in his bed, and being a general nightmare. Despite the fact, Julian has on-purposely married someone else, who he doesn’t know and spent 5 million dollars to do that, Camille BELIEVES Madeline. I’m sorry waht.  Additionally back to the minor wobbles; our main character Julian sends out the advertisement at the beginning. He’s a famous and wealthy celebrity – if, say, Tom Hardy was going to advertise for this (hubba hubba) would he put his name on the ad. Nope, NOpe, NOPE. But, if he doesn’t put his name on the ad; how did the editor know it was an ad for Julian! THE MIND BOGGLES.

So, there’s quite a few wobbles here; there are first a lot of very confusing reasons for the characters to do the things they’re doing – Madeline, the advert, Camille saying no to the magazine but yes to Julian a man she doesn’t know – a story that was already very unbelievable becomes even more so. The end of the story is also a bit of a blur; a lot of drama is thrown in right at the end and it just seems a bit sudden and to try and pull the book together. What does happen could have been added much earlier on and created a much more interesting and cohesive story. Overall a frustrating book that was funny to read for all the wrong reasons. 




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2 thoughts on “The Marriage Bargain by Sandra Edwards

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’m so bad at putting my reviews on Amazon, I think partly because you can’t link back to your own blog (which is an awful reason, I know!) but I really should start. Or can you link and I just never knew that?

    Anyway, awesome review even if the book itself wasn’t the …best…. one around. Hopefully you’re next book will be better!

    • littlebookblog says:


      I try my best, but I know what you mean – there’s not real way of linking back to your blog. I actually always think that when I’m reading Amazon reviews – like a wonder if you have a blog, but it’s just not easy to find if there name is Sophie6574 or something!

      Glad you liked the review either way! 😀

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