7 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit

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Heeeeelllllo readers; IT’S FRIDAY AND THAT MEANS BOOKISH POST *eeee.* Although I’ve been reading more, I know that I can be the worst for picking reading over other hobbies. (definitely maybe counting Netflix as a hobby?)  If you also want to make reading a more integral part of your day I’ve put together seven ways to cultivate a lifetime reading habit, cause I’m that kinda gal.

Always carry a book

So, the first tip on the list is to alwaaaaays carry a book. You never know when you might have a spare moment. Maybe your train is delayed, maybe a friend is late to coffee – not only does the book stop you looking super awkward, but it also means you might read something pretty awesome.


Create a book log

Book log? Book diary? I basically mean, when you’ve read a book, write when you started and finished, a few thoughts and a rating out of ten. Even though I blog about books ALLLLL the time I forget the great books I’ve read – so keep a log to remind yourself of all the awesome books you’ve read which will encourage you to read more of them.

Set aside time

Often when I don’t schedule in some time I will go to the easiest thing – ie slouch on the sofa and pop on the television and then just sit for hours. If I schedule in some time like in the morning (ie planning an early night,) or when I’m taking a bath it makes me a lot more likely actually get reading done. A little bit of planning goes a long way.

Find your reading spot

So we’ve scheduled in some time but now we need to find the perfect spot. I have three, in bed with my jammies on, in the bath or on trains. Now I know the trains isn’t something you’d just do for reading but finding a reading spot helps make it more enjoyable annnd encourage more reading!


Try a different type of reading

So we’ve found the best spot, we’ve started scheduling in time now try different such as AUDIO BOOKS. Audio books are a great way of getting more books into your life; on the commute, whilst shopping, walking, exercising – all are possible with the beauty of audio books and all very easy to get to and download in any genre you prefer!

Turn off the phone/television/computer

One of the ways I’ve reaaaaaaly encouraged my reading was through making sure I take time to turn off my phone and computer and give myself some time away from screen. So many of us use computers and phones for our jobs and then go home back on our computers and our phones. I spend my life looking at a screen – STEP AWAY, and cultivate a NEW HABIT.


Discuss reading

May seem like an odd one, but definitely talking about reading not only encourages you more but opens up new book types for reading and new genres. Since me and T started talking more about reading we’ve both read more books that we never would have read before. Use twitter, talk to friends, join a book club! The bookworm possibilities are ENNNNNNDLESS.

So, I’ve warbled on long enough – the idea I think is to make reading into a habit and make it an every day thing rather than a once in a blue moon thing! If you have anything to add or any tips for creating a reading let me know in the comments or tweet @littlebookblog1!

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit

  1. Beth Ann says:

    What a great post! Amen to each and every one of these points. I totally agree. You have to make time sometimes to read and you really have to always have a book with you. With ereaders that is even easier although I still love a “real” book. My mom has kept a reading log since she was in college and she is now 86. I wish I would have started one much earlier as well!

    • littlebookblog says:

      So glad you liked the post 😀 for me, I have to just make time for reading otherwise I fail miserably.

      Oh wow, good for you mom! I used to keep one when I was much younger around 10 yrs old, and I lone reading through it! I’m just glad I’ve got this blog now as my kind of reading log 😀

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