Until You by Sandra Marton

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Helllllllllllllo readers, I swear I’ve reviewed this book before but apparently I haven’t – which reminds me I must make I sure I put all of my reviews on a list somewhere. I haven’t updated my reviews list in months and months but there has to be a simpler way of doing it than the way I’m manually doing it. If anyone has any suggestions, on how I can create a list super simply of allllllllllllllll my reviews. It’s currently a Thursday so let’s make it a little more happy with a review!

Paris in the spring is a city for lovers, but for Conor O’Neil and Miranda Beckman, the city is a place where the truth is always just out of reach. Miranda’s life is in danger, and Conor will do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means not letting her know he’s working for the government. For her part, Miranda will do whatever it takes to keep Conor from learning the truth about her past. And yet, the one thing neither can lie about is the passion that blazes between them.

As the blurb kind of suggests the book follows the relationship between Conor O’Neil and Miranda Beckman. Miranda is in danger, and Connor is a special operations kind of guy who was once employed by Harry Thurston as part of the super secret group ‘The Commitee.’ (Sounds scary right.) Thurston asks O’Neil to keep an eye on Miranda who is living life to the full in Paris; there has been information that there could be a blackmail attempt if Conor doesn’t take on the role and make sure Miranda is safe; but this is definitely not going to be plain sailing with these two hot-heads.

In terms of the characters, Conor is a once divorced man who is still struggling to come to terms with the breakdown of his marriage. One to (now) keep women at arm’s length and instead keep the relationship very superficial he comes across as quite cold and difficult; although around Miranda he immediately changes and finds himself finding it difficult to stay away from her. Miranda is a famous model and also the life of the party who can’t help but enjoy herself. Often putting her life on the line, ignoring warnings that she’s in danger, oh and she’s really good at pushing Conor’s buttons. 

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Now I understand what you’re  thinking; beautiful model, in danger, saved my broken man, but, it does get better.There are lots of moments of suspense and as the danger continues to rise we see the relationship between them falter and fall and flourish. They’re always struggling with one another which helps to increase the excitement. They are definitely hot and cold with one another and the author uses that to build the story – there’s no sudden relationship here for these two.

The only real trouble is that when the author is writing more detailed parts she really kind of goes into too much detail. Instead of making using this time to push the plot forward it slows down the pace and means that you lose a little excitement. I also thought that there were too many conversations between minor characters that weren’t really needed. Sometimes you need a bit of filler but it doesn’t need to be dragged out to the point where it feel irrelevant. There was also a little bit of a wobble with Miranda, unfortunately although she has a really interesting background she comes across very harsh and it makes her difficult to warm to, especially when Conor is such an exciting character.

Overall would I recommend this book? Yes, although it’s a 2.5/3 star book I really enjoyed the back story and the tension the author builds. The relationship between the two was very push-pull and not instant which I liked but there wasn’t really a defining moment when you thought, they definitely should be together and with the writing style at times being a little tiring it lacked something. This would be the perfect holiday read – not everything I wanted but a solid story.




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