His Indecent Lessons 3 by Sky Corgan

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Hellllllo readers; I was going to stop these reviews after book two but interestingly this is the only book review T has read in probably the last 3455445677542 months. I think it must be that front cover (dat butt doh.) Annnnnnnnyway,  I’ve decided, to humour him  even more and so I’m writing another review of the series with book three and my, was it an experience. So readers, (and T) without further delay – onto the review. PS: I f you want me to finally finish this series and review book four let me know.)

Cheyenne Grear has had enough. Enough games. Enough pretending that Damien Reed actually has feelings for her. The emotional toll that his lessons are taking on her are becoming more than she can handle.

Desperate to escape her feelings for a man she can never have, Cheyenne takes solace in the arms of another. Chase Vogel is good and kind and handsome, but he wants something from Cheyenne that she’s afraid to give him.

Right so a bit of plot catch-up if you’re just joining us on this very exciting series of book reviews. Cheyenne is currently getting lessons in BDSM from her art teacher Damien. Except, there’s a bit of a twist – see despite being solely attracted to Damien she’s kind of decided that she’s had enough of him treating her as though she’s nothing and so she’s entertaining the possibility of Chase Vogel, the high-school heart-throb, but she can’t quite keep Damien out of her mind, and Damien is definitely not ready to let her go just yet.

If you’ve read my last two reviews which you can see respectively here and here, the first was okay, the second lacked a little story and didn’t do a great job of describing a healthy BDSM relationship or Damien, but number three can only really be described as being, basically a sex-fest. I would love to put some of the writing in here but my mother reads this blog and I’m not sure I’m ready to get to that level of relationship with Mumma B. But, just so ya know –  there is a lot of erotic writing that is a little, informative is the word I’m going to go with.

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In terms of the characters, Cheyenne, becomes a little more aggravating; she uses poor Chase to make Damien jealous and even records them ( ya know) to send to him which I’m pretty sure is illegal? It just feels like the author is thinking were the hell do I go with this. We get the idea that Damien wants to take their ‘relationship’ further but we spend so much time with Cheyenne whizzing between Chase and Damien that it’s not really explained – we’re just constantly kinda in the throws of romance. (Like seriously raunchy throws of romance.)

The writing is quite good for an erotic romance, it’s definitely got a lot of heated scenes which are kinda what you want if you’re reading one of these. Sometimes the writing is a little odd; I mean I’ve never read the line ‘my labia puffing with desire,’ but it definitely caused a giggle or two. There is quite a lot of humour and Cheyenne does have a funny side; I just wish the plot had been developed; there is definitely a story of sorts here but it’s just not explored enough and the author is just wanting to throw readers ‘cheap thrills.’ 

Did I enjoy this? Well I would say that my interest in this book series is definitely waning as I continue through although I think I might have to finish the series just because it could be amusing to make it through and make this into a series of reviews which I’ve not done before. I think if you’re looking for something erotic with no real plot but fancy something a bit naughty? Maybe? But there are so many better ones out there.




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