Social Anxiety Cure by Brittany Hallison

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Helllllo readers, hope you’re wellll. I know it’s Monday and Monday’s suck but I’ve got an interesting book for you today! This popped up in my email inbox and thought why the hell not. I’ve spent the last year squashing my anxiety with blogging and reading but never thought to pick up an anxiety book – so, I thought I would pick one up and give it a read and here’s the review – ENJOY.


This book is your complete guide on how to tap in to your inner confidence and become comfortable interacting with people for life.
This book will teach you how to recognize the signs the signs and symptoms of individuals with social anxiety, proven steps and strategies to become more comfortable around others, and the types of professional help people with social anxiety can seek.

In the modern world many people struggle with seemingly easy, natural tasks. In some cases they struggle to talk to unfamiliar people, perform under any sort of pressure or go to work. They might exhibit excessive and unreasonable worry about social situations – they fret and make themselves unhappy about how other people perceive them and may consider themselves boring or unlikeable.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, than that person may be struggling with social anxiety disorder. Fortunately, this book exists to equip you with the knowledge you need to face your fears and overcome your social anxiety.

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Right, so the blurb is REAAAAAAALLY long and that’s not all of it so I’m not going to go into too many details because we might be here allll day. The first thing to say is that I really dislike the title. The idea that there is a cure to anxiety just makes it into a containable thing and if it’s anything I’ve experienced before it’s something that isn’t just cured.

Saying that the information inside is really interesting – we start off with one of the important things like distinguishing between being stressed and insecure and actually struggling with anxiety. With the word anxiety being used so often and often in a ‘funny capacity,’ it’s important to distinguish. People who struggle with anxiety with also struggle with anxious or stressful moments it’s just that feeling is a constant wobble rather than something that comes and go’s and the book details that well.

The book covers many different topics including;

  • Simple Strategies on Tapping in to your Inner Calmness
  • Best Tips to Overcome Shyness
  • Understand the Origin and Causes of Social Anxiety
  • How To Identify the Top Signs and Symptoms of SA
  • A Variety of Different Methods You Can Employ to Alleviate Social Fear

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each of these is managed well and I thought there was a lot of topics covered that help to create a well-rounded book which was nicely done.

In terms of the writing style it is very simple and at times a little condescending. At one point the book describes listing different activities in a list as to how anxiety creating they are – the book then states you should start with the low anxiety creating and then build up before being able to ‘reintegrate the social anxiety sufferer.’ It’s the way it’s said – it just doesn’t sit completely right.

The techniques are very simple as to ways of combating social anxiety – sleeping, not excessively drinking alcohol, not drinking too much caffeine. The book has a little into the science but it mainly links to the basic side of the book.I thought as well, that the book would be much better for someone with a family member/friend/boyfriend or girlfriend

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I think that this book is a really  interesting start to learning more about anxiety. As a free Kindle book this is worth a read just for an over-view; a look at breathing techniques, sleeping techniques and more into helping someone you know with social anxiety. For me, I would want a little more that such a brief over-view but as a first point of call I think this is okay.

So, overall – I think there’s are a lot more informative books out there that are written, one, with better spelling and grammar, at times it’s a bit ropey and with more, scientifically backed up information. If you’re wondering about the basics this works but I would suggest picking something a little more informative.




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