Helllllo readers – it’s Friday which means that it’s time for a bookish post and this week it’s an award! *cheeeers.* I don’t think I have received this one before so I’m excited to get started. Firstly I want to thank Alice at A Book and Two Cups of Tea. I’m really new to her blog but it looks fantastic and her posts are brilliant so you should go check her out now! Without further Lizzo warbling onto the award.


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
2. Put the award logo on your blog
3. Answer the ten questions you were given
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Nominate ten other blogs


My Ten Questions to answer!

If you could live in one of the fictional worlds, which one would it be and why?

Hmmmmm – although I say I really struggle with fantasy books it’s got to be Harry Potter really hasn’t it?

What is/are your all time favorite book(s)

I can’t answer because I haven’t read them all yet- but The Book Thief is in my top ten; definitely.

What is your favorite reading setting (at home, drinking tea, etc)?

Beeeeeed. Snuggled up with a hot chocolate and hot water bottle and with Eeyore laying in the crook of my arm. I am actually 22. I swear I am.

If you could give a book as a gift to anyone right now which book would that be?

I would give my best friend Hope The Chocolate Run. For some reason I think she needs to read it and get a little bit of happiness from it. Sometimes love confuses and hurts you and fucks you up but as long as you remember who you are, you’ll be okay.

What are the books you’re most looking forward to reading this year?

I’m going to be finally getting round to The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and I am so excited! It’s got to be that or Dorian Grey as a really close second.

Who is your favorite fictional character and from which book/series?

Amber from The Chocolate Run – Honestly I adore her and have done since I read the book for the first time. Now I’ve read it nearly ten times I think?

How many books did you read last year?

Over 120! Which is NUTS! However currently I’m really struggling to get back into reading regularly so I’m going to just try and hit 100 this year!

Which format do you prefer your books in Hardcover/ Paperback/ Ebook/ Audiobook?

Paperback definitely although audio-books come a very close second. I’m currently very tempted to invest in audible but I don’t know whether I will definitely make the most of it?

Coffee or tea?

I only really drink green/peppermint tea  so one of them. I currently love one that is mixed with liquorish; it tastes bloody amazing.

What is your favorite movie based on a book you’ve read?

I think it would have to be Ps I love you – I do love The Hunger Games and The Martian but I’m still yet to read those books!

MY TEN NEW QUESTIONS for my nominees to answer.

  1. What word do you think of when I say the word reader?
  2. Do you snack whilst reading? Are crumbs inside books ever acceptable?
  3. What is a bookish/reader/writing habit that you wish you didn’t have
  4. What is your pet peeve when it comes to blogging?
  5. What is your favourite movie based on a book you’ve read? (I’m pinching this question!)
  6. What is the best classic book you’ve read and why?
  7. If you were a magical creature what would you be?
  8. What house are you (either Pottermore or the house you believe you are?)
  9. What’s a blogger that you read reaaaaaaally regularly?
  10. What’s one of your ultimate favourite words?

I now nominate!

I now nominate:

Stefani @ Caught Read Handed 

Georgia Rose @ Georgia Rose Books 

Audrey @ Audrey’s Bookcase

Amanda @ Chocolate Pages 


Samantha @ Bookish Library

If you do decide to accept I would love to see your answers, but if you’re not into awards then just know I think your blog is b-e-a-utiful! Have a wonderful Friday y’all.


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