His Indecent Lessons (Book two) by Sky Corgan

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Helllllo readers, I’ve decided to bring you something a little saucy for today’s book review. I mean it’s February and I’m still on the diet/alcohol ditching so we need something to keep us a little happier. I reviewed the first book of this back when I started the blog – I would link it but the writing is pretty terrible. I really need to go back at some point and go through my old reviews but for now I’ll just bring you new ones. Hope you enjoy this slightly cheeky review.

Cheyenne goes to her first lesson in sexual nature and fantasy, hoping that it’s hands-on. With a teacher like Damien Reed, who wouldn’t want to get a bit more intimate? He’s gorgeous and intelligent and rich, everything that Cheyenne wants in a man. Too bad he’s also professional and has ridiculous self-control. Will Cheyenne go to drastic measures to get what she wants?

So we left book on a bit of a cliff-hanger; was Cheyenne going to follow Damian’s orders and go to her first ‘lesson.’ Pretty obvious she wasn’t going to say no. We follows as she drives a little haphazardly to his place to be met by the hot mess that is Damian (I’m ignoring the fact he’s her teacher and she’s a virgin currently – which she does take the time to remind us of.) We see the two as they attempt to take their ‘relationship forward.’ As Cheyenne struggles with her feelings and how Damian reacts we get to see into the world of BDSM.

So, what did I think of the book? Well – I struggled. The first book was really brilliant at creating tension and exciting the reader, here we’re really starting to get to know the characters and discover more about them. Cheyenne is desperate to wiggle her way in Damian’s heart but he is only interested in a relationship that is completely created between master and student.  We see them talking about the barriers that Cheyenne  will not cross and the safe words she must use to stop him from hurting her.

In terms of characterisation I thought that the author did play more on Cheyenne and we get to learn more about her personality and the way that she reacts. At the beginning she still is quite immature and a little difficult – she’s desperate for Damian to like her and yet she can’t help but get angry at him when he doesn’t respond to her. Here we can see her and her needy personality –

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“How many other students do you have?” I inquired, and then wanted to slap myself for it, knowing the answer would depress me.

“Just you, for right now.”

Relief flooded through me. He’s mine. All mine. At least, for now. The thought gave me a strange sense of satisfaction. Part of me wanted to ask him if he had a girlfriend, but I didn’t want to press my luck. I would hold onto the fantasy that he belonged to me exclusively, for as long as I could

but by the end she’s starting to think outside his controlling personality and stand up to herself. Damian is kept in the dark and we still know very little about him. In a way it’s good because it keeps up the mystery and keeps the reader guessing but it does make him come across a little cold and difficult. It also made the entire relationship feel very one sided and I struggled with that. There’s a way of discussing the world of BDSM and I just don’t know if this is the best way too. Yes I know it’s not being sold to teach people of a healthy BDSM relationship but maybe it should have been a little more researched and better at discussing a healthy relationship.

The other problem is this book is so short  – there are so many books and yet we pay for so little. I decided to continue reading and this book again ends in a cliffhanger making you pay more and read on. The thing is I would rather buy the whole tale, enjoy and spend my time saying actually – although it’s a bit trashy I enjoyed this. Instead for the reason it’s sold on purposely to give you just enough to go on and spend again and that it doesn’t promote a healthy BDSM relationship, maybe read something else.



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