A bookworm’s perfect pamper evening

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Hellllllo reader’s, something a little different in terms of posts but one that I’m hoping to do more of. I’ve always written a lot of reviews which I think are so important for a book-based-blog, but I love reading more bookish/lifestyle type posts and I’m going to have a mini experiment and see how they go down. Many of you will know, I love to give myself a pamper despite not being a ‘girly-girl,’ but seriously you cannot beat a bath/face-mask/deep-hair-condition and a good book so I thought I would tell you my ‘formula’ (which I have been perfecting) for the perfect bookworm’s pamper evening. 



Step-one: Tea-time.

The first step on my list is to make tea; despite being a born Brit, breakfast tea has never reaaaaaaly done it for me and therefore I stick to peppermint and green tea which is equally yummy. For Christmas this year I was given a pug mug, loose Peppermint tea and a pug infuser. Pop the leaves inside the pugs tummy add hot water and then hang him over the side of the mug to infuse.  


Step – two: Run Le bath

Might be a pretty obvious one but it’s kinda what you put in the bath; I am loving Lush’s Intergalactic bath-bomb boasting Peppermint, Grapefruit and Cedarwood Oil and a pop of Popping Candy this bath-bomb is refreshing and beautiful too. Deep-shimmery blue water filled with glittery goodness – pretty epic.


STEP – three: Pea Face

Okay, not exactly pea face, but at this point I go into the bedroom, grab my jammies, the book I’m currently reading or a new one to start and amble down to the fridge to pick up my Lush Brazen Honey face-mask. Quick look into my skin history – when I was 15 or so I had terrible acne through really awfully oily skin. Skip forward 7 years and I have managed to completely alter my skin type – I now suffer with scaly skin from avoiding any oil based products.

This face-mask, although looks a little like you’ve smushed mushy peas all over your face is the best face mask I’ve used to date. Packed full of fresh fennel ginger root and parsley to detox and stimulate, sage, rosemary and juniperberry infusion with cardamom and clove bud oils for their antiseptic qualities and fresh lime juice to cleanse the skin and free range eggs, honey and almond oil to soothe and moisturise this mask is a gem. Smooth over your face and leave whilst bathing to fully detox, relax and give your skin a hug.


STEP – Four: Get ‘ya Read on.

At this point in time – your bath should be run, not too hot, and your tea should be drinkable, the mask is drying and you’re hopefully starting to get that mellow happy feeling. This is when I hop in the bath and pick up what I’ve been reading last – it’s difficult for me to say tips for when in the bath because I’m terrible at it, but I would definitely say invest in a bath rack/tidy/shelf. Lusting over ‘The White Company’ version right now – give it to meee. Room for tea, snacks and your book and a flannel for wet fingers to stop mucky pages.

Once the water starts to get a little colder and I’m getting ready to get out and get warm in bed I apply Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap and Glory all over my body (I tend to step up out of the bath and make sure I’ve got every bit of me) and then wash off carefully.


STEP – Five: MOISTURIZE yo’self (and Jammies)

My last step is to smother myself in body-butter (especially my thighs and my tummy.) I am obsessively using Argan Oil products at the moment (shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatments) and this Wild Argan Oil Body Butter from the Body Shop which smells amazing and makes my skin feel supple, soft and moisturised. After I’ve let it settle in, it’s time for my scrabble jammies and back into bed for more reading (potentially more tea) and a wind down.

So there you go, five steps to my perfect bath and pamper session. I think sometimes as a book-blogger I put a lot of pressure on myself to read alllllll the time so it’s nice to unwind and relax with a book and look gorgeous (hopefully) afterwards.


11 thoughts on “A bookworm’s perfect pamper evening

  1. Morv says:

    That was my complete ideal when I had a bath. Face mask, bath bomb/bubble, I would also have some chilled out music playing in the background, chocolate, some lemonade and a good book. Sheer bliss.

  2. ProsperityAndCalamities says:

    I agree with most of this except the bath… I’ve just never really been able to enjoy taking a bath, I think because most baths I’ve had are too small so I feel like I’m too big. I need one of those huge over-sized tubs so that I feel like I’m in a mini-Jacuzzi, then maybe I’d enjoy it!

    • littlebookblog says:

      yessss – I am so short that I manage to fit into our tiny tiny bath but I’ve heard this a lot from people that are normal sized 😀

      Definitely need an oversized bath for reading times ❤

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