Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015


Helllllo we’re in December – *cheers.* I’m not a big Christmas person but something about this year is making me super-duper excited. Probably because I have lots of different bits planned with lots of different people. It’s going to be an odd one this year because I don’t finish work till 5 on Christmas eve and then I need to travel down to Silverstone after that – so I’ll get home, go to sleep in my little single bed and then wake up and it’ll be Christmas! (Hopefully – if everything goes to plan which it probably won’t) Today I’m highlighting ten new authors to me as of 2K15 who I really really enjoy. #happybooksharing.


I babbled a lot about this when I wrote my review but this author really made me sit up and think gah this person can write. Not only is it an erotica, which I keep telling myself to read more of it really told a story – more than any of the books of this genre I’ve read before – I’m gabbling again; I will definitely be reading more from this author because she’s brilliant.


Another book I really babbled about in my review but another stunning book and in a genre I don’t normally read. I go on about this but fantasy is not mah thing, I’m sorry – but every so often one comes along and smacks me in the face. This definitely did that!


Alll of these books are very recent reviews but they’ve been too excellent not to include. I like a chick-lit as much as the next but sometimes they just don’t hit the right spot. This one really dragged me in and made me super desperate to read more. Not all do that, especially not chick-lits so this had to make the list.


The girl on the train is one of my standout books of this year. I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I thought this really was utterly wonderful. Brilliant book, brilliant author I just have to read more from.


This is the second book from this author that I’ve read (the first in December 2014) so maybe not strictly 2015 but still – this author is utterly brilliant. Her writing style is wonderful, her understanding of character build up is outstanding and both her books really held me. Thumbs up.


This is the first book I’ve read from this author but once again brilliant writing. I love a good chick-lit (gah I hate that turn of phrase) but this one was especially good. Full of real belly laughs, dating terrors and really exciting writing.


I know I know – she’s one of my favourites and yet I only discovered her this year – what had I been doing with my life eh? Caitlin Moran is brilliant, her writing is sarcastic, honest and so special. I read one of her articles earlier in the year and since then I’ve read both her books and met the lady – bang on.

Haruki Murakami

Another new-to-me author that T introduced to me and I adore his writing. I have so many books to read from him now which is a little worrying but I’m just really glad T introduced me to this author.


Another new author for me brought about by the really sad shutting on my favourite independent bookshop. I have never read anything from Nora Ephron before but she is definitely on my list to go back to soon.


Last but not least is the author Katherine Mcintyre, I’ve read two of her books so far and every time I do I think – yes, that was such a good, short but interesting read. Definitely one to keep and eye on and get hold of a copy of any of her books if you haven’t yet (I preferred Poisoned Apple if you’re wondering!

That was tough but here are ten new-to-me authors that I’ve really enjoyed this year! Who was on your list? Let me know it the comments!

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