Mistress Pussycat by Joyce Snyder

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Hellllllo readers – you know you can always count on me to bring you the most interesting of all the books? Yep. Well I might have outdone myself today because this is a book I would never have read if I hadn’t been contacted by email and yet here I am reading about BDSM on a crowded train and feeling the person next to me slightly shocked but definitely reading over my shoulder to get a better look – WE NEED MORE OF THESE BOOKS, and we need to read more of them and I’m going to tell you why.

Before we go any further this is a book about ‘fem-dom’ and I just want to let people know that if you’re not interested, don’t want to know, etc stop here. I read it, I liked it, so yep.

THIS BDSM EXPOSÉ, written as memoir, reveals the wild world of femdom: dominant females and the submissive guys who crave them. Joyce Snyder encounters dozens of “subs,” fellows who want to be used and abused at the hands of a powerful woman. She finds a multitude of men, typically living a secret life, throughout America, and discovers their erotic preference (submitting to the superior domme) is more prevalent than she’d imagined.

Right, as the blurb suggests the book follows the lovely Joyce a cat lover who finds herself editing a magazine for submissive men. Not one to shy away from the challenge she decides to throw herself into the world of ‘femdom’ and finds that it kind of suits her although is a little shocked to begin with. We see Joyce as she begins to fit in more with the sub/dom lifestyle and the rules that she must follow.We see Joyce as she experiments with spanking, sissy maids, adult babies (new to me) acquires herself a slave and meets a man who seems to enjoy electric shocks to his genitals – yes that’s where were going. Read along with this spectacular lady as she finds herself in a whole new world of sex and sexuality.

What I found really wonderful about this book is the honesty that we encounter as we read through – it’s not overly emotional, or draped in description – it’s a memoir, or even a diary of sorts that details the truly interesting and totally unknown depths of the sub/dom lifestyle? I don’t know if that’s the wrong word because other than this book I really have very little experience with any of the writings inside and yet I did really enjoying reading about the experiences that Joyce has despite it feeling very detached from my own personal feelings.

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The book is well written – it doesn’t linger on descriptions but details a tale of different sexual encounters. The adult baby section was particularly interesting with the sub ‘Baby Chippy,’ wanting to experience a world with no control – being allowed out of a playpen or being allowed to play with a certain toy. I must admit throughout I was mixed feelings between disbelief, bit awkward and really surprised. It’s incredible the types of ‘play’ there is and this book just opens the door to learning more – if you so wish.

For me I didn’t get engrossed in this in terms of enjoying the story because it is a little cold. It is very much descriptive and as if the author is just going through the motions a little and although it’s interesting it definitely didn’t engage me as much as I thought it would or could. Maybe it’s because none of what happens inside relates to me at all, or maybe it was a little too much.I also found the section about ‘ronins’ or slaves that are dismissed or abandoned and therefore unable to leave an independent life of their own a struggle to read – it’s so different from the life that I lead.

But, that’s why I liked this book so much – without this insight I would not have read anything about the world of BDSM – did you know for instance, whipping or spanking is done to create the most pain but not physical damage. It’s about control and letting go of the stresses rather a physical injury. I would never known that and maybe I don’t need to but I’m glad I’ve had the chance to read something so different and honestly eye-opening.




2 thoughts on “Mistress Pussycat by Joyce Snyder

    • littlebookblog says:

      I must admit this book did surprise me and when it came into my requests inbox I did have to think – is this really for me? But I did really enjoy it surprisingly 🙂 nice to know there are so many different people out there in the world 😀

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