Top Ten Debut Books I want to read released in 2K16

Hellllllllo readers, really struggled with today’s topic. Although I love reading and new books I am often so far behind in the last years reading that I have to wait another six or so months to catch up. Therefore these are ten books I think I would love to read in 2K16 but will probably take me 48348684934 months to get round to! Without further delay the boooooks!

Save Me, Kurt CobaiN by Jenny Manzer

Save Me, Kurt Cobain

Not only has this already got fantastic reviews on Goodreads but the blurb and the ideas behind the book really intrigue me – additionally lave me that cover!

This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp


This book I think will be making the rounds on the blogosphere very soon and it is almost definitely going to be a harrowing read but one I hope to enjoy (if that’s the right word?)

Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace


Gritty, creepy, supernatural, murderous intentions this sounds interesting, intriguing and very complex but I am so excited to get hold of this as soon as possible *eee*

A Study in Charlotte (A Study in Charlotte #1)By Brittany Cavallaro


Sherlock back in female form? Yes PLEASEEEE. I’ve heard it’s also got wonderful nods to Conan Doyle which I can’t wait to read!

Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn


This sounds a lot like a bookish version of Easy A which I utterly adored – (I gotta pocket full of sunshineee) this sounds like the perfect summer read and with my TBR as long as it is, it will probably take me that long to get round to it *wails.*

The Girl Who FelL By Shannon M. Parker


Too many fantastic book reviews already on Amazon not to get a copy of this and start reading!

Fear the Drowning DeeP by Sarah Glenn Marsh


Witch’s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face. So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen-year-old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man.


Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims


Can’t believe I have to till MAY! Murder, deceit, confusion and family all whirled into one along the same feeling-ish as Gone Girl. Can’t wait to my tiny hands on this!

After the Woods by Kim Savage


Think I might be in a thriller mood?

When a paroled predator attacked Liv in the woods, Julia fought back and got caught. Liv ran, leaving Julia in the woods for a terrifying 48 hours that she remembers only in flashbacks. One year later, Liv seems bent on self-destruction, starving herself, doing drugs, and hooking up with a violent new boyfriend. A dead girl turns up in those same woods, and Julia’s memories resurface alongside clues unearthed by an ambitious reporter that link the girl to Julia’s abductor. As the devastating truth becomes clear, Julia realizes that after the woods was just the beginning.


The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos


Finally The Mystery of Hollow Places – a spooky, thrilling tale. SO many reviews already that are begging me to read this so I will – as soon as I can anyway!

Right I’m off to cry about how long I’m going to have to wait for all these fantastic looking books! What would you add? What have I forgotten? Let me know in the comments of tweet @littlebookblog1.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Debut Books I want to read released in 2K16

  1. ccairn says:

    Can I ask you something? How do you find those books? Because sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the infinite choice of new releases, yet I can’t find the ones that would take my fancy.

    • littlebookblog says:

      I tend to use Goodreads and look at the shelves of books that are due out in 2016! I also follow a number of blogs that regularly post about books that are coming out in the next six months or so and then I check them out on Goodreads 😀 If I can find either of them quickly I’ll link you 🙂

    • littlebookblog says:

      I cannot wait to get them read and reviewed – just sad we have to wait so long! It’s just not fair 😦 I’m surprised so many of them have utterly beautiful covers. There’s normally one that’s not quite as lovely but they’re all stunning. Will have to take a look at your list!

  2. Jess @ Little Book Heaven says:

    I am loving the covers for Fear The Drowning Deep and After The Woods! I will check these out for sure. I am so excited for Shallow Graves. Great list, Lizzy. 🙂
    My TTT

  3. Georgia Rose says:

    Sorry I’m late to this one but I saw it when it was first posted then didn’t get to comment for one reason or another but you know the thing that struck me most about this list is that it is made up of the most stunning covers. I don’t think there is one I don’t like amongst them – amazing!! Good luck with getting through this lot, I look forward to seeing the reviews 🙂

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