Hellllooo readers, it’s a bit of a nostalgic post but bookish all the same.

I recently took part in an event, maybe thats the wrong word, a plan as such, to send happy mail as part of the idea to share some happy feelings with other bloggers whether it’s lifestyle, beauty, food or something utterly different. Organised by the amazing Becky & Ren, we were paired with another blogger who we would send our ‘blogger box’ to. The only rule was you had to sort sending said package (ie addresses and the like) and you could only spend ยฃ10 on le box.

I was paired with the lovely blogger Daniella (you can see her blog here,)ย and after a quick browse I thought I would go for a collection of lovely little beauty bits (and a gorgeous pair of feather covered socks.) A sort of emergency bag full of bits and bobs you could whip out if your in a beauty dilemma. A nail varnish or two, a blueberry lip-balm, a mini-compact mirror, le socks, a pretty pink tin of vaseline and all encased in a pink spotty washbag I wrapped it up, taped it up and off it went.


A couple of days later I came home to two packages and om gee what was on the inside was just perfecto. I received three books by the wonderful author Virginia Woolf who I have been saying I need to read something by her soon because to have not done so yet feels like a crime! There was also a bookmark with the most wonderful of quotes; ‘my workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt,’ which is just so, SO true. The last book was a collection of inspirational quotes; one for every day of the year which is perfect too because we all know how much I love a good quote.


I am super super super happy to have had the chance to take part in this because receiving presents in the mail is always just wonderful and especially when you’ve sent something that you think that person will love. Very big thank you’s to Daniella and the wonderful Ren and Becky for organising something that has left me with lots more books to read *holla*. Have a wonderful day lovelies.

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