Autumn Reads: Why us bookworms adore the autumnal season

Hellllllo readers, something a little chatty for you today. As like many bloggers it seems, Autumn is my favourite of allllll the seasons. It’s the time for chai latte’s, cosy jumpers, nights in with rich red wines and shepherds pies. You can get away with wearing woolen tights, knitted scarves with dainty flowery dresses and glittery accessories: I cannae wait! Tis a wonderful time of year. Today I thought I would put together why us bookworms and bookish bloggers just adore Autumn.

Fireplace lovin’

If you’re one of those lucky, lucky people that have a fireplace, you finally have a reason to pop the heat on and get all cosy. Not only the warmth but cuddling up to a loved one and being read to – oh it makes my heart melt.

Coffee on

A warm lunch-hour spent pouring over a book will only be improved by a Pumpkin Spiced Latte – doesn’t coffee laced with pumpkin just make everything a little better? #sobasic

Spooky Days

Gah it’s nearly Halloween which means that it’s the perfect time for bookish character dress ups. Now before you stop me, I like to take the more American style of Halloween costumes meaning you can rock up in just about anything – Matilda, Sherlock Holmes, Long John Silver; the options are honestly endless.


Snuggle bunnies & Rain

I swear down there is nothing better than lying cuddled up in bed, flannel cosy pjs and hearing the rain softly coming down. Snuggle up with a new book and a glass of hot frothy cocoa and you will be one happy bunny. If you’re out and about there’s nothing better than diving into a cosy bookstore and picking up alllll the books. #autumnalfeels

Candles Lavee

Autumn is the perfect time for creating that perfect reading/relaxing/blogging atmosphere. Create the perfect chillllll-out zone with assorted scented candles and tealights smelling of ginger spice, pumpkin pie and bonfire scents. Sounds delicious.


The falling copper & golden leaves make everything feel a little more romantic. Take a picture of the memory so you can look back when it all gets too winterey and we’re all rocking our sexay raincoats.

photo-1414589491349-2acf6131176e photo-1416149517343-b030f2729cbd

Tis the season for reading…

Autumn is the perfect time for cosy jumpers and soft scarves but it’s not so cold you can’t sit and read surrounded by the stunning landscapes that Autumn ultimately creates. Wrap up, pop on some gloves and a scarf and get yourself out in to the Autumn wind and settle down for a lovely read.

and there are some bloody good things to read too. 

Salman Rushdie, Elena Ferrante, and Margaret Atwood all have books out this month *squeals*— not to mention the arrival of the fourth Millennium Series installment, in which writer David Lagercrantz continues the late Stieg Larsson’s legacy as well as Me, My Hair, and I, edited by Elizabeth Benedict, features essays by 27 female writers, both old and young, reflecting on — well, their hair.

photo-1426260193283-c4daed7c2024 photo-1422568374078-27d3842ba676

Just a couple of reason why I for one just adore Autumn. Anything to add let me know in le comments – now where is that Chai Latte?


9 thoughts on “Autumn Reads: Why us bookworms adore the autumnal season

  1. Aubrey Joy says:

    I agree! I love fall and it’s always been my favorite season because of some of these things! I love being cozy and cuddling up in warm clothes on my couch and reading a book 🙂
    Aubrey Joy

  2. Georgia Rose says:

    Don’t forget about those dark evenings that come oh so early – what more excuse do you need? It’s too dark to do anything more outside so time to come in, warm up with a hot chocolate and perhaps even a nibble on a chocolate Hobnob (stick with me here my US friends who have no idea what one of those is!) then cuddle up with a great read…ahhh bliss!

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