Dragon Loyalty Award for My Little Book Blog

Hellllllo readers and happy Friday; woohooooo. Lots of really exciting posts this week and an award for mylittlebookblog. I really love these because I’ve recently been following and reading a lot more blogs and I’ve got lots to share some new, some I’m an avid follower of, but either way all brilliant.

 Thank you to Sarah at ‘Brainfluff; Curious corners of a writer’s cluttered mind,’ for nominating me, you can see her blog here and it is definitely worth a wander around. Her comments on my postings often make my day and her posts are insightful and beautifully written.

 The rules are:-

  Display the award certificate on your website.

Announce your win with a post, and link to whomever presented your award.

Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

 Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.

 Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So, my 15 (cough ten) nominees are in no particular order:

Amanda @ Chocolate Pages

Day time Reading 

Jessica @ A Book can be a star

Sarah @ Sarah’s Bookshelf

Ryan @ Ryan’s Book review

Bronagh @ Bronagh’s Beauty and Books 

Mara @ Across the Books 

Tasha @ That Little Blog of Everything  

Stefani @ Caught Read Handed 

Lizzy @ Lizzy reads books 

 Now I have to think about seven things about me…

1)       I am a terribly nostalgic human being. I recently bought a PS2 which I’ve never owned or anything like it, so I could play a game my former best friend and I used to play as kids. I also currently have a desire to buy a Tamagotchi but I have to resist. *I am an adult, now repeat*

2)       My favourite hangover cure is fizzy water, with lime if I can stomach it and salt and vinegar spiral crisps

3)       I’ve still not read anything by Virginia Woolf or Orson Welles

4)       I still sleep with a cuddly Eeyore because he is the bestest

5)       I am forever cold; all through July I wore ‘the winter cardi,’ most days of the week because the office is forever freezing

6)       I hate hand shaking, give me a hug instead please

7)       I’ve only just signed up for Net Galley and feel like I’m an old timer cause I have no idea what I’m doing

8)       Chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches are the best sandwiches, no question

9)       I liked to eat my chips with a mixture of ketchup and mayo and I have no regrets

10)    I’m currently really considering getting myself a tattoo but worry about it stretching/going terribly wrong/ I end up hating it, but it’s on the cards soon I think.

I’ve just realised I’ve written ten, my mother always used to say Lizzy, make sure you read the question. This time I failed but here is the end of the tag. Thank you to Sarah for nominating me once again and I cannot wait to tell these lovely bloggers they’ve been nominated by yours truly!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Loyalty Award for My Little Book Blog

  1. chocolatepages says:

    Thank you for the nomination, how funny you wrote 10 facts. I didn’t even notice until you said it either. I can sympathise with you on the cold thing. Brrrr, not that we had much of a summer anyway!
    You will love Netgalley, its amazing but addictive.
    Thanks again for the nomination.

    • littlebookblog says:

      You really deserve the nomination love your blog! I know I normally hate writing facts about myself so to do more than was needed was a little silly.
      At the moment I have a massive jumper and scarf on and woolly tights and I can just manage the cold 😦
      I will get round to netgalley but atm have sooooo many books! Let me know if you fill in the nomination and can see all of your facts! 😀

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