Poisoned Apple by Katherine McIntyre

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Hellllllo readers, another day another review and one I’m really excited to be sharing with you. I often get authors who request a review and then later I get another request for a review of another book and it’s really special to be asked a second time. It also helps the reader/blogger to get more of an insight into the writing style and complex of the author. Today’s is another short tale perfect for a couple of lunchbreaks or a longer journey on le train and I enjoyed this more than the first book Katherine sent me (Stolen Petals – which you can read my review of HERE.) For now, onto this review which I hope all you lovelies enjoy.

Snow White’s a goth and Prince Charming’s a jerk.

On Neve’s eighteenth birthday, her stepmother kicks her out. A group of diner rats offer her refuge—including Brendan, who offers his couch for her to crash on. But the more time she spends with him, the more he confuses her. One second, he’s kissing her. The next he’s pushing her away.

Believing her life has reached rock bottom, Neve struggles to ditch her “damaged girl” label. But when she uncovers the truth about her life, she’s rocked to her very foundation. Will Neve be able to hold on to the good things coming her way, or will her bad luck poison everything?
Neve lives at home with her stepmother after her father left them for another man. On Neve’s eighteenth birthday, her stepmother throws her out. Neve has no where to go. She’s a loner. She blames herself for the lose of her parents.

I didn’t realise that this was a Snow White inspired story because I didn’t read the blurb (slaps wrist) but I’m kind of glad I didn’t know because now I can see all the links and I want to read it again where I can pick alllll of them out. As the blurb says the book follows Neve on her eighteenth birthday who is kicked (almost literally) out of the place she has always called home by her evil stepmother – (see Link) Wandering the lonely streets she finds at 24/hr diner where she befriends a group of guys (see Link) and they decide to keep her company. Brendan who is dealing with all sorts of other problems of his own offers her a bed for the night and we kind of go from there, learning more about her family and the ins and outs of her “relationship” with Brendan.

In terms of the length this is rather a short novella and that’s why it would be perfect for a train journey because you can just whizz through its lovely little pages. I thought the character profiles were brilliant; Neve is my go-to character. She is smart, intelligent and she wants to stand on her own two feet and she’s not afraid to say that. She’s gutsy, honest and sarcastic and I thought she was brilliant. Brendan is struggling with the break-up of his relationship and I thought his need to stay away from Neve and yet not quite able to was well written. The additional character were well built up including Veronica the evil stepmother and the guys at the diner.

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I found the characters easy to empathise with and feel for; although at times frustrating it is nice to read a book from an author who puts her characters really on the line. The pace moves along well and although short does manage to get quite a few tiny sub-plots in. Due to the length I couldn’t have really expected more but I think the length works so no problems there. I thought the humour woven in was clever and witty between all of the character helping you to get involved in the story as a whole.

In terms of wobbles I think there could have been better character development in terms of both the main characters but the book isn’t really long enough for that. I also thought some of Neve’s decisions were just odd especially the ending; it works with the Snow White theme but it felt a bit off? It didn’t fit with the character profiling we have been given throughout.

Overall this is a short snappy book with a really interesting plotline. The characters feel fresh and the fairy-tale aspect really adds to the story although it works without it too. It’s a brilliant little book and for just under £2 it really is worth a read. Thumbs up.




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