The Proposal by Lily Zante

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Helllllo readers, an interesting book today because it comes from the realms of my terribly dusty kindle. It appears that at one time or another T borrowed my Kindle charger for his phone and I ended up with his charger and then one of them got lost so, being the chivalrous one I have let him pinch it and I have been left, Kindle-less. *Sobs* However I have recently got my hands on a charger and now can read and listen to my heart content. Digging around I found this having never reviewed it and thought it was time that I did. Figures. It’s got hundreds of reviews on Amazon but today I add my own. Enjoy.

A high-flying career woman with no time for romance finds herself at a loose end for her company’s annual marketing convention. Partners are encouraged, and Nadine Stefano has every intention of fitting the image she believes her boss wants.
At her sister’s recent bachelorette party Nadine finds herself irresistibly drawn to Ethan, one of the male strippers.

A single woman, desperate to present the image of being in a settled and happy relationship, she hires Ethan to act as her pretend boyfriend.
Not only is he five years younger, but he is also sexy as sin.
Theirs is a strong attraction, and the over-worked and uptight Nadine soon finds herself falling for the easy-going young man.

But company politics and nasty colleagues stand in their way.
Will they follow their hearts, despite their differences, or will Nadine dump Ethan in order to pursue her career goals?

When I first got hold of my Kindle I am not ashamed to say I immediately downloaded as many cheap and cheerful books as possible just to keep me happy really. It’s not that I didn’t want to spend money but the idea of free books was so exciting. However you tend to get the same sort of stories. This book follows the relationship between Nadine and Ethan. Nadine is a career woman through and through however she sees herself falling for a stripper who she meets at her sisters ‘bachelorette’ party. (Sounds fancier than a hen do, I like that.) The book follows them as Nadine struggles with her feelings towards her new love interest and we read as their relationship continues despite the company rules and regulations and nasty not to mention jealous colleagues.

All in all this is a really easy to read, enjoyable(ish) story. The book waltz’s around and manages to pull the reader along just about. Both characters are well written; Nadine is a very strong character but she lacks confidence which is something Ethan has in bucket loads. They strain against each other as they try and overcome the wobbles in their character profiles. I didn’t fall for either of them and Ethan was a little bit too much of a clean cut character for me but I can see the attraction. I must also add that the villain Sandra was written with spite and determination, very well done because she’s pretty damn awful.

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In terms of plot it is a little stereotypical however the main issue for me was that the story jumps around all over the place in terms of the POV. One minute we’re with Nadine then Ethan and then back again with very little warning which becomes tiresome after a while. I did like that we learn that the reason Ethan is stripping is to help out a friend but also to earn a little money to help pay for materials to make his metal sculptures; of course our uptight main lady doesn’t take the time to find this out and therefore the problems with her colleagues begin to get out of hand which is a interesting plot twist although still a bit clichéd. The writing style is a bit superficial; there are points where Nadine immediately assumes a female seen with Ethan is a threat to her and vice versus but it’s okay.

I think if you have a free evening in the bath with some bubbles and a glass of wine you’ll be fine; it’s a time filler rather than something I would rush out and immediately buy. It lacks something which is a shame because there is a plot there, there are well built characters (even though they are at times unlikeable,) there’s something there but it doesn’t quite deliver. I also felt at the time that it had been broken down into smaller segments in the ploy to make more money and that is something that doesn’t quite sit with me. I downloaded this for very little if anything at all so I wouldn’t be clawing to get hold of a copy but if you want something easy quick with a bit of lust this might just be for you.





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