Twitter & Blogging – What I’ve Learnt so far & Giveaway!


Helllllllo readers, its Friday which means it’s time for another bookish rambling from yours truly and today’s is a little exciting for me. Social media, Search Engine Optimisation and content is my bread and butter working in marketing. I guess it’s as good a time as any to tell you all I recently started at a new job, at a marketing firm working as a Digital Marketing Executive which is just, brilliant. I think I might have found my ‘thing,’ but it’s early days.

For me, my blog only really started around five or six months ago. Before you argue, yes the blog has been around for a little while now but this is the first time it’s felt like mine and interning in marketing and finding what makes reader’s tick is something I’ve been experimenting with on the blog and all my little social media bits and bobs and imma going to share them all with you now – well my Twitter tips for this post. Plus, if you stay till the very end there’s a bookish giveaway for you all cause I’m that kinda person.

I also just want to note, as always; own personal thoughts, there is no right or wrong way. These are just the things I  have found to work but they’re not the only ways

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I tend to share most of my posts on Twitter, (all of them now I’ve linked them all up) but I also have a Google+ account and recently an Instagram dedicated to MLBB. For me I really enjoy using Twitter but having different platforms allows for different audiences and different interactions. It’s also pretty brilliant for finding new lovely people to connect with.


I really struggled with hashtags for a while but it is really important to use them because people do search for them (yes you do you wonderful people.) I tend to stick to bookish ones  but #bookbloggers #bloggingproblems #bookworm #amreading #amwriting are all ones I use day to day.


Twitter link-ups

I have recently been using these and using them as a tool for finding lots of brilliant blogs to follow and also talking about books/blogging/Britishweather. These include #Sundayblogshare and #Mondayblogs. One of my favourites which I am actually hosting today is the #ltbloggers (Lunchtime bloggers) and I’m talking about, ‘things I’ve whilst learnt blogging’ so be sure to say hey and come join the chat.

Once or twice a day?

Depends where your followers are from? I connect with bloggers from all over the world; America is a biggie but Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Australia, Brazil you get the picture. This means it’s a really super idea to make sure you share links throughout the day so you make your blog posts as visible as possible. Simples.


Image is everything

Okay, so not quite true because you need good quality content too right? But having a good image will make more people likely to share your tweets and therefore your content. However…

Connect goddamnit

Make sure you connect back; retweeting, replying, messaging, commenting, sharing it’s about being social so get tagging and tweeting and expand your reach and your ability to put your hand out to different exciting new bloggers.


Make it simple stupid

When you start blogging make sure you remember to add lots of sharing options by linking up all your social media accounts. Even if you don’t use a social media platform all that often (ie Pinterest for me) a reader may so make sure that it’s on there.

Be You

This is my final very important tip; be a real person. Tweet about breakfast, the weather, the postman that said hi. Tweet that you’re hungry, hashtag to your hearts content, add personal images, tweet a picture of your lunch, the sunny sky, your own shoes. Twitter is about you, and we all like to be nosy so make it personal not just for sharing your own blogging bits.

There we go, a number of little tips I’ve learnt in my life as a twitterer and although I’m in no means perfect I’m connecting with new exciting people every single day.

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As part of this post I’m giving away three fantastic books:

What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey


Mrs McKeiver’s Secrets by Margaret Morgan

as well as a interesting mystery prize! Just use the rafflecopter below to enterrrr. Good luck!</p
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is an international giveaway alsooo and it closes at midnight on Sunday the 20th of September!

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17 thoughts on “Twitter & Blogging – What I’ve Learnt so far & Giveaway!

  1. chocolatepages says:

    Great tips there, I do most of them although I’d like to participate in more chats. The prizes you are offering sound great. 3 fab sounding books. For the mystery prize, that will be good whatever it is, as its a surprise and a prize! Maybe something bookish, like a bookmark or a tote bag. Or maybe chocolate or hot chocolate sachets to go with the reading.

  2. beeevil says:

    I have just found out #hashtags and read somewhere it makes your comments more professional. It’s true as its helpful and others find it easy to search for articles things they are looking for. Great post.

  3. beeevil says:

    Great post. #hashtags are helpful and I read it somewhere that they make your comments look professional. Chats are great way of connecting too. Bharti C

  4. laineyloveslife says:

    Hi Lizzy! I found you on Bronaghβ€˜s blog! Following you now..and I hope to read more from you.

    I’m a digital marketer too! I’m glad to have found someone who does the same thing as I do. πŸ™‚
    I googled the books that you posted and they’re all great! A great mystery gift would be a nice bookmark or book holder! πŸ˜€

    βœ½β€Ώβœ½ ❀︎ laineyloveslife

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