45 Thoughts Whilst Reading in the bath

    Helllllo readers, I haven’t written one of these posts in a while but they are so much fun to come up with and write I couldn’t help but write another for you today. The bath is possibly my third favourite place to read (after reading in bed and on the train) but it is potentially the most precarious. In bed the only real worry is dozing asleep and rolling on top of said book and on the train there is the possibility of losing the book but that’s about it. In the bath there are a number; from a few solvable accidents to a soaking wet unreadable mess. Here are 45 thoughts whilst reading in the bath.

1)        Work = hell. I need a glass a wine, or two, or three and a hot bath

2)        If my housemate is using the bath I will scream *runs up stairs.* Coast is clear…

3)        (Sidles into bedroom, picks up towel) What book was I reading again? Ah yes, The Dish

4)        Stella Newman. What. A. Babe.

5)        Maybe I could read a chapter here, it’s getting so good.

6)        No, no, go and run the bath KJFKJSHFJH

7)        Ooooh bubbles

8)        *runs (or draws) bath*

9)        Gah that looks perfect *dips in toe* oh hello scalding hot water

10)     I’ll just put the book down and oh lower myself in.


11)     Crap what’s that mark on my leg, is that eyeliner? HOW DID IT GET THERE?

12)     *rubs it off* I need to be more careful, eyeliner is for eyes not knees

13)     Definitely wasn’t colouring in the hole in my tights, cough.

14)     Right book time, oh you just put both your hands in the water. Genius.

15)     Just wipe them off with the towel *leans over* ergh I’ve got a massive thumb print on this page now (face palm)

16)     & I borrowed this book, Lizzy, you are a book murderer

17)     *reads, reads* turns page

18)     *knock knock* ‘Lizzy are you going to be long, I need the bathroom*

19)     I need to get my own space goddamnit ‘I’m in the bath, reading, no idea when I’ll be finished soz m8’

20)     Right, back to reading.


21)     *reads, reads*

22)     What if I turned over, I always read on my tummy in bed

23)     *attempts acrobatic move to roll onto tummy*

24)     *wave circles over the book*

25)     Tis a miracle… I wonder if the author ever had a miracle idea in le bath like;

26)     Just casually soaping up my hair and then *lightbulb moment* the main character           steals her mums, best friend’s, son’s,  neighbours dog and uses that as a ploy to snag the main character!!!

27)     I should write a book,

28)     Actually that’s a terrible idea

29)     I should never write a book

30)     Ergh, hands are so pruney and horrible.


31)     Like a sea cucumber, like in the BFG

32)     Gah I love that book


34)     But *whining* the water is cold

35)     Puts more in *dribble, dribble.*

36)     Perfecto


38)     I need to get out, imma going to faint

39)     *thrashes, forgetting book is still in hand and will be destroyed for ever.*

40)     Out of the bath, well only a tidal wave on the floor to sort out #holla


41)     Crap, the book

42)     FML


44)     Goodbye chilled evening in le bath

45)     Hello spending the rest of the evening saving this bloody book.

I think in these posts I make myself even more dozy than I currently am but I think writing them is too much fun not to. Hope you enjoyed book worms.

4 thoughts on “45 Thoughts Whilst Reading in the bath

  1. sarah'sbookshelf says:

    I think this is the best, most accurate blog post I’ve ever read 😂 how did you know about the thumb print you get on the page when your hand isn’t set but you’ve just dried it?! So glad I’m not the only one out there…

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