The importance of used book stores: A Guest Post

Used bookstores are every bookworm’s safe haven and treasure trove. They are a place to browse and to become lost within the endless and overstuffed shelves. However it is a sad fact that nowadays both used book stores and independent sellers are forced to shut their doors due to their lack of business. We cannot allow used book stores to vanish from our street corners and we want to keep them alive! Here are five reasons that highlight the importance of used book stores.

Price & Essence

One obvious reason that people decide to shop in used book stores is the price. They offer second hand books at a much cheaper price. With the price of ‘new’ paper books skyrocketing, people are now able to get more for their money at a used book store. Another alternative is the eBook; although usually cheaper than the paper version, holding an eBook is not quite the same as turning the pages of an actual book. You don’t get the same smell, essence or emotions when reading from a screen. Used book stores are vital in the keeping alive of paper books. An added bonus is that you also save money.


Sense of community

There is no denying that many times a used book store is at the heart of the community; People go back and visit the store; they get to know the owner, what new books have just arrived, and what the hidden gems are. It becomes personal, and that is the real beauty. You don’t get the same relationship with a traditional mainstream book store. It is also important to support local bookstores near your area; to support local businesses and to help them grow. By doing so, the neighboring businesses will also blossom and bloom, helping to create a further sense of community.

Rare books

When browsing in used book stores you just never know what you will find. Books are added all the time. Therefore on each visit you can always find something new. Mainstream bookstores tend to stock the latest bestsellers and those books that are currently fashionable. You will only really find the most popular books from the past two years. However, used book stores stock an extensive and wide range of books, including rare and antique finds.

The fun of browsing

Used book stores were made for browsing. Rows upon rows of books are there at your disposal. You can spend hours searching for books and just finding out what’s on offer. This just doesn’t happen in a mainstream book store. Usually you pop in there to see what the latest blockbuster is or you reserve the latest bestsellers to pick up. Used book stores work upon a different level. You go there to browse, and this is what every bookworm enjoys.

Books HD

Knowledge and experience

Used book stores are a fountain of knowledge. Many of these stores have special collections, with the owners having specialist knowledge in niche areas. Therefore if you are after a particular book they may have it; know of another store that has it; or alternatively have the means to acquire the book. Used book stores in general are a haven of knowledge, with owners simply knowing a lot about books. They are also avid readers and can advise you on the type of books that you may like, when compared to your favorite authors.

Used book stores are incredibly important for all of the reasons listed above. By all means shop at your local Barnes & Noble or Waterstones but also pop into your local used book store. Get to know the owner, spend time browsing. You never know what you might find.

5 thoughts on “The importance of used book stores: A Guest Post

  1. bellarah says:

    I absolutely love my local used bookshop. It’s probably an OH&S issue waiting to happen, but it’s an amazing place to dig around. There’s books piled on every surface, three deep on shelves and stacked on the floor, with no real organisation. The guy who owns it doesn’t even know what he has! It’s so cheap and I’ve found the best things in there 🙂

    • littlebookblog says:

      I know like this it’s so true! Hazard warnings all round but have found some stunners in there :)) ours is the same, you pick something up and ask how much it is, ah well just what ever you’ve got! Just brilliant :))) xx

  2. typewriterink says:

    I adore used bookstores. Partly because I can get three or four books for $10, but also because they’re just like little pockets of bookishness if that makes sense. And you step inside and you’re hit with that smell of paper and whatever glue they use to make books and I basically want my house to smell like that all the time.

    • littlebookblog says:

      I LOVE used book-stores, especially for classic books. You might not be able to get the newest John Green but you might find a book by Orwell you haven’t heard of, or Fitzgerald! It’s amazing, and yes the price and smell are a bonus 😉

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