Four Seats by Aaron Cooley

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I rather dislike Thursday’s it has to be said.  I think it’s because it’s supposed to be my day of the week where I drag my body out of bed and go for a run. Yes, a run. Normally however I’m in bed till twenty to eight, have time to jump into the shower, throw on clothes (hoping I haven’t picked up yesterday’s pyjamas) slap some cover on my face and whip mascara on my eyelashes. Grabbing keys, my purse (note not handbag) and a book I throw myself out the door and run to the bus station. It’s not a pretty sight. However, this is a book that could stir the most tired of reader to get up half an hour early to get a little reading done. Today I bring you Four Seats by the rather wonderful Aaron Cooley.

Each year on the first Monday of October, the Supreme Court reconvenes for another new term. But this year, the first Monday brings only terror and tragedy, as six bombs tear through their temple of law, killing 124 people.

Homeland Security immediately brands Supreme Court Police officer Jason Lancaster as their prime suspect. Jason must go on the run to find the persons responsible for the attack – and for the murder of his fiancée, Supreme Court Marshal Miranda Whitney.

Meanwhile, former First Lady Rosemarie Irving volunteers to assist the current President in nominating replacements for the four Justices lost in the tragedy. Is her motivation the lasting legacy of her husband, or something more nefarious?

Part legal potboiler, part HOUSE OF CARDS deal making drama, part 24-esque espionage cliff-hanger, FOUR SEATS is an enthralling new entry to the conspiracy thriller tradition.


First a little apology; I was supposed to review this book a while back but somehow managed to open the wrong PDF file and read a book that has nothing whatsoever to do with this series (although still written by Aaron) which caused a little confusion when posted on MLBB. However I think it was a sneaky plan to get both reviewed on the blog, although I cannot complain because both were terribly exciting to read.

Being an advocate of historical fiction, political style drama often features and here we get it full on, in-yer-face style commotion. I must admit now I haven’t watched House of Cards (forgive me) however the intrigue of the first chapter really pulled me into the book and has kind of stirred a want to watch the series. The book really starts with a bang; pulling the reader straight into the action with the bombing of the Supreme Court. We’re given very little time to breathe but the swift movement and cuts between different scenes and inter-changing characters helps to plunge the reader straight into the action. We follow the movements of Jason Lancaster as he struggles to reveal the truth and learn more about what the hell is happening.

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I thought the writing was strong and incredibly intense; it moves with such cuts and the frenzy of the characters movements builds as the chapters whir on. The book isn’t long (this is a series of six books) and therefore the author doesn’t hang about in swathes of description or mountains of character detail. The intense plot and the quickening pace kept me so engaged from start to finish. The book dallies between the terrorist attack and the consequences of such an event whilst also managing the potential of a conspiracy plot; what the hell is really going on? I like that our main character is kept in the dark much like us to help increase the stress and excitement. Although I don’t know too much on the subject I liked the search for the information on the victims and the constant confusion whether to find new replacements for the fallen Justices.

I liked the inclusion of the framing of our main character due to a rather intoxicated evening; the lack of alibi and his inability to piece what has happened together really plays on the readers feelings. Can we trust this character? I love it when everything’s a little uneasy. The writing is punchy; lots of whizzing between scenes but it never feels rushed. Everything is planned and written out wonderfully. My only complaint is I wonder whether it needed to be six books. This one isn’t particularly long and I have a problem sometimes with books that seem to be split up for the hell of it but I’m sure our writer has it all planned out.

So overall I really enjoyed this book; I’ve written this review a little jumbled but it has a wonderful writing style and really keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Our main protagonist is well written gutsy and exciting I can’t wait to read more and learn more about this plot. Only wobble is I hope the author doesn’t run out of plot by book six or loses something in the telling by splitting it so much but I’m sure Aaron will keep his cards close to his chest in terms of that. If you like a thriller or are interested in political plot-lines get a copy of this daring book and see if you can put it down.





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