42 Thoughts whilst reading in bed

Helllllllllllllllllllllllo readers (I swear that intro hello gets longer each time.) It’s Friday which means it’s book tag day but I’ve decided to bring you another *thoughts* post. I wrote this the morning after attempting a night in reading and just failing miserably to get any productive amount done. It just isn’t possible sometimes and everything, I mean everything seems more tempting that reading.

1)       Gah, an evening tucked up reading in bed, isn’t that just heaven?

2)       Jussttt decide what pyjamas to snuggle up in

3)       Urfh, favourites are still wet from being washed yesterday

4)       I am so not an adult

5)       But wait ultra-cute unicorn shorts and university tee

6)       Hellla yessss

7)       Right, book, would, be, good. What was I reading again?

8)       I swear it was under this totally not folded heap of clean clothes

9)       *rummages*

10)    Got it, now find where I left off

photo 1 (7)

11)    Oh yes of course, the terribly sophisticated turnover of the corner

12)    Book bloggers all over the world are scorning you right now

13)    Get into bed and wriggle into covers

14)    Wait where’s my blanket I might get cold

15)    Is it in the lounge? Awkwardly dance through to the lounge

16)    Oh hello housemate who left cold Chinese all over the work-surface *grumbles*

17)    Yes, I do want to hear about your totally crazy drunken weekend *hella no*

18)    Let me get back to my book, right pretend the phone is ringing; ‘hello? Oh Gary wonderful for you to call *waves to housemate*

19)    Back in bed, oh it feels wonderful.

20)    Damn it the blanket, will have to plan second rescue mission

photo 2 (5)

21)    Anyway, *gets under covers* cannot wait to read this book

22)    Wait, do I need a wee? Oh ffs Lizzy this always happens

23)    (Runs to bathroom)

24)    Now I am sorted

25)    *reads*

26)    *turns page*

27)    *reads* ahhhhh finger cramp damn it (stretches finger)

28)    *stomach rumbles*

29)    *reads*

photo 2

30)    Really? Jim and Jane are about to be reunited in the park and realise they really do adore each other

31)    *rumbles insistently*

32)    Fine, if the housemate is still there you’re in trouble *sneaks into lounge*


34)    Grab the Pringles and go, go, go

35)    Trek back through lounge, wait they have left the television on

36)    All those news warnings about global warming, and the takeaway, what is wrong with these people?!

37)    But wait is that Dance Moms?


39)    But, the book Lizzy, c’mon this is trash

40)    Nrghhh, but I do have a blanket and pringles

41)    I’m sorry Jim and Jane

42)    Just one episode, I promise.

photo 2 (3)

 How terrible is it that I really adore writing these posts? As always any comments, additions or complaints leave them below and as always, have a wonderfully bookish Friday folks.

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