A Brand New Day by A.S Chung

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Hellllllo readers, another day another book to bring you; I have honestly read some wonderful books recently. I’ve been adding them to Goodreads and Amazon and although I don’t personally do stars you have to on such websites and so many of them are four or five stars. I’m starting to feel a little like a broken record with all the praise however bringing you excellent books is all part of my job. Today a delightful children’s book, that looks at the silver lining of parents separating.

Mondays and Tuesdays are fun, going on cooking adventures with Dad. We look forward to Wednesdays and Thursday too when we get to be a green thumb with Mum. Don’t forget the holidays! Spring breaks with Mum and hot summer camping with Dad. Each day is a truly special day! A Banana Split Story is a series within the Pigeonhole Books collection that features stories about children from separated and divorced families.


When I received this book I was a little worried, my parents are still together (for reasons that often escape me) but I do remember at school the shock and horror when another child’s parents decided that it was best to split. Even now a number of my friends from university are still a little sour because it’s a big deal and something that no-one wants to see happen. However this book has a very sweet way of looking at it; far from sad the little girl in the story writes of her love of both her parents. Instead of loathing going between the two she treasures the time she gets to spend with both of them separately. Whether it is cutting up tomatoes and eating them with Dad or playing in the garden with Mum and her new step-brother she adores the fun she gets to have with both.

In terms of writing style, I know this is a children’s book but it’s still important, the pages tend to feature two clauses that rhyme in a single sentence. Such as: ‘I love the breezy, sun-kissed school break in the spring, I spend it with Mum and we do almost everything.’ It’s a lovely little touch because I can imagine little ones noticing the rhyme, and because it is carried throughout it makes it all feel thought through and planned. I know I’ve said this before but books for children of a younger age need to be constructed and written with thought because they have the potential to set a child up for a lifetime love of reading. The wording is spot-on in terms of reading age and interesting enough to be quite an enjoyable read.


The illustrations are utterly beautiful. They are detailed and extensive but minimalist using black, white and a coral coloured red. It makes it look really mature and really honestly wonderful to read. Mainly though I liked that the book doesn’t lecture on divorce but instead almost completely ignores it. It focuses almost entirely on a positive message, with the only real mention of the separation in the last line ‘I love both my parents as much as they love me, I know we’re apart but we will always be three.’

Overall a sweet story with a wonderful message; interesting but simple enough for young readers but also enjoyable for adults to enjoy. This is a brilliant book for parents who have separated to read along with their darling children.


2 thoughts on “A Brand New Day by A.S Chung

  1. prosperityandcalamities says:

    This seems like a really great book for children that are going through their parents separation. And could also help to make them feel less alone. But I still find it sad that there even has to be books like this…

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