Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’ve read so far in 2015


Can someone please explain to me how it is only Tuesday? Some weeks seem to drag along, you’re clock watching, mind numbingly waiting for the end of the day so you can uncork a bottle of wine, run a hot bath and delve into the next book on your to be read list. To take our minds of the day I am going to celebrate with ‘The Top Ten Books’ I’ve read so far in 2015. Something tells me this will be far from easy but I enjoy a challenge at the best of times. As always, tweet (@littlebookblog) if you liked/loved/loathed this post and lets get down to the nitty gritty.

1) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This book immediately sprang to mind when collating my ten favourite books from the past six or so months. I adored the book; characters, plot, writing style, final twist. Just sublime.

2) Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent

This was another brilliant book full of twists and turns. It’s got a dark foreboding undertone that helped to pull me in. A page turner and an un-put-downable tale.

3) If nobody speaks of remarkable things by Jon McGregor

Seem to have spent the last six months trying to get everyone I know to read this book. One of the most intriguing writing styles I’ve ever had the joy to encounter.

4) How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran

“This is a brave, consistently clever, naughty, rude, blunt, sarcastic book with wonderfully honest writing that I chowed down in hunks.”

5) Down and Out in Paris and in London

After reading 1984 and feeling a little disappointing I wanted to read more from this author. I thought this was stunning and a must read

6) Absinthe Doesn’t Make the heart grow fonder

Although I don’t  give star ratings this would have easily acquired five stars from me

7) The Vault by Karen Long

“Continually throughout I found myself so engrossed and then utterly disturbed. Overall this is an undeniably detailed and exciting book that will be perfect for all you thriller readers out there. A wonderful protagonist, a sickening plot and a brilliant read.’

8) The Art of the Imperfect Crime: A Crime Mystery Set in Scarborough 

This book has such compelling characters I couldn’t put it down. A beautifully lyrical writing style a compelling plot and a must read

9) Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

Thus sentence at the end of my review says it all: “I implore you to buy, borrow, beg, steal a copy of this and sit down and become engrossed in this wonderful book”

10) Finally 1q84 by Haruki Murakami

I’m only 400 pages in and I don’t want this book to ever end

Ten fantastic books, ten books to add to your ever lengthening TBR lists and ten books I’m so glad to have discovered during 2015. *Claps Hands*

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’ve read so far in 2015

  1. Sarah Kay Moll says:

    1Q84 is on my list. I haven’t heard much about any of the others, but I’ll have to go investigate them. My ‘to read’ list on Goodreads is about 100 books long! My fave that I’ve read this year is definitely Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo. I’m not usually into crime thrillers, but this one was genre-transcending and amazing.

    • littlebookblog says:

      I must admit it’s one I keep coming back to time and time again. I’ve currently read about eight books alongside it because otherwise there would be no reviews going up on MLBB but I was tempted to take a blogging break and just get it read but, it’s quite easy to put down and then read again. It’s definitely worth a read, I’ve just got onto book two and I love it, although book one didn’t really end up giving me an ending so it just feels like a continuous slog of 1300 pages. It’s good though, but long.

      I’m not very good at adding things to goodreads, I really should, but I’m hoping to get all my reviews on there and start making it a regular thing 🙂 I may even add blood on the snow, genre-transcending and amazing sounds incredible.


    • littlebookblog says:

      Mmmm, I think that too at times. Something’s he focuses to much on the little things that aren’t needed but then I kinda like that. It’s definitely interesting though and I have no idea where it’s going currently! xx

    • littlebookblog says:

      I love her writing style, it’s so gutsy and interesting. I want to read more from her but I think it’s such a strong style you sometimes need a break so I’m going to read her other book (cannot remember the name for the life of me) probably in the next couple of months but it is so so so good. Also THANK YOU, what a love surprise, I have never been nominated for this one so will complete and accept ASAP. xxxxx

  2. hollykerrauthor says:

    Lizzie you made my day once again! Thank you!! I’ve never made it onto a Top Ten list (that I know of!! :)) So glad I found you! xo

  3. littlebookblog says:

    Aha I just can’t help myself plugging your book! 🙂 It really is a fantastic piece of writing that I have since read again, gah I just really enjoy it. I’ll stop gushing now! xxx

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