Unblocked: Episode One by Marni Mann

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Good afternoon readers and another hopefully interesting review for you. I’m currently working through my email inbox, deleting email I’ve sent myself, reviews I’ve drafted, book review requests and emails I’ve read and replied to; to say it’s a mammoth task is an understatement to say the least. Any bloggers who have any tips for keeping a clean and tidy inbox other than keeping on top of it and replying then deleting them as they come in let me know. Today’s review is one I found lingering in my inbox that I read a little while back but just never got round to typing it all up and posting it to mylittlebookblog. It’s another raunchy tale that I hope you’ll enjoy.

One taste was all it took…

Derek Block seeks revenge.

Frankie Jordan seeks professional dominance.

He wants her, she wants him.

Lines that can’t cross begin to blur.

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A second erotic style book for you readers today; the blurb is a little vague so I’ll give you an idea of what’s in store. Frankie is a successful, ambitious and determined young woman working in real estate. Learning from her father, one day she hopes to take over the terribly successful Jordan International from her father. Step forward Derek Block one of the top designers in architecture he needs the best real estate agent to handle an exclusive listing of his project Timber Towers. Upon meeting the chemistry between the two begins to build but Derek has two rules: 1) not to sleep with any women he works with and 2) only sleep with the same woman once. Can the two deny their feeling for each other or will they end up breaking all the rules.

I thought that this book was a brilliant introduction to this new series from the author Mari Mann. I think it definitely set down the foundations for the oncoming books that will continue to document the relationship between our two main characters. This author really fleshes out her characters for us to discover; Derek is a to-hot-to-handle, wealthy and sumptuous character. A little rugged and coarse (checked flannel shirt and bearded kind of guy) I liked the contrast between what I expected him to be and what Mann gave to me in his character. No crisp suit here ladies.

I liked the way that he controlled his business and his aversion to mixing it with pleasure and his difficulty to stop restricting himself from the things he knows he wants. Frankie is a wonderful character confident and dynamic her focus is strong and undeniably attractive to our lovely Derek. I thought the toying from both the characters as to their feelings and whether they should control or give in to their desires was exciting and kept me strung to the authors every word. I also really liked that the author started the weaving of a number of side stories including previous relationships, family members and a little pinch of revenge.

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Technically the writing is incredibly strong and impeccably put together. There is the perfect amount of description matched with witty dialogue and a real understanding of how to pull the reader in. The writing is quite obviously passionate and driven and this matched spotlessly with the controlling and powerful character profiles of the male and female protagonist. The narrative, although moves with pace, is steady and allows the reader to really understand what is going on and helps to add to the suspense. I liked that the author really played with me as a reader never quite giving enough away but leaving me wanting more. Over the years I have read a number of romance style books and it seems as though the characters fall for each other at almost first sight but here it’s moulded and worked with to give you more than a typical erotica. There are some saucy scenes that are written with vigour and desire but there’s also a story.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this first story from the Timber Towers series. As a book it gave me so much more than I thought it would and really played with the characters. My only wobble was I wonder how much can be played with within their relationship maybe it went too far in the first instalment but I for  one cannot wait to see what happens next.







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