The Allergic To E Challenge

The Allergic ToEChallenge

Good morning readers, hope you have enjoyed the wonderful review as of today. I was Skyping the lovely Jonas Lee last night as to our upcoming interview/conversation and I remembered I was yet to attempt said challenge. The idea is to construct and write a paragraph that is between four and six sentences (that make sense) without using the letter E once. It may not sound too difficult but this paragraph above already contains forty four e’s! I have attempted the challenge and although the tenses are a little off I think I’ve done okay. Thank you to the wonderful Jonas.


It was a muggy day in London. Knots of individuals striding down humid paths; damp clothing sticking to clammy limbs. I sat, basking in sunlit parks whilst clouds lazily slid, discarding wisps of snowy fuzz sinking into a cobalt sky. Vodka tonic in hand and a book lying gaping upon a grassy bank, my thoughts lost in dragons and mystical lands I thought it would stay a grand day.

I now nominate

Rachael Richey

Jacke Wilson


Sandra Danby 

So looking forward to see what you come with, knowing it will be tens of times better than mine!

ps. I did a little research and the book Gadsby is a story of over 50,000 words without using the letter “E” by Ernest Vincent Wright. That is, just, well. Nuts.

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