Through His Lens by Anna Bayes

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Hellloooo readers. If you’re into erotic fiction then you’re in the right place to be because today I have a scorcher for you. This is blisteringly hot and mischievous. I don’t read a lot of erotic fiction, not because I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that I don’t tend to be sent as many review requests for said genre. I started reading erotic fiction around this time last year for the #sexmeupreadathon and I’ve dabbled in and out of the genre over the past year or so. This one dropped into my inbox and opening to read it at work I quickly had to shut the book, this is not one for work time reading but later I downloaded it onto my Kindle and well, it’s not one for the faint hearted. It won’t be for everyone but it’s definitely the sauciest erotic novel I’ve ever read.

Newly divorced and rediscovering her place in the world, Fiona found a strange solace in taking photos of herself. Next step: she hired a professional photographer to take her portraits. Modelling for him felt empowering. Would this be only a one-time thing or would she have the courage to pursue a relationship with Nathan, the photographer whose green eyes captivate and disarm her?

This novelette (A narrative work of prose fiction shorter than a novella and longer than a short story) follows Fiona as she signs and passes over the divorce papers to her newly separated husband. A little weary from the procedure she decides to take a new step and turn over a new leaf by hiring the professional photographer from her wedding to take a new set of images. Upon meeting Nathan at the studio and take part in a nude photoshoot *cough.* the two take things a step further in a hot and heady display of affection. Asking her to model for him in the future on her reproach of the idea, Nathan lashes out hurt by her use of him. Coming to her sense the two become friends, but the passion of the photoshoots still lies clear for both. Can they stop themselves straying from their decided friendship?

So, as I said this book is hot and heady. I must admit the plot is a little clichéd and stereotypical but I think it’s one of those books where you’re not really looking for a storyline so much it’s about the punchy, head-over-heels, raging sex scenes that are written with so much gusto it’s a little overwhelming. It is at times a little smutty and explicit and I would say if you’re looking for something that leaves it to the reader to formulate what’s actually happening then this isn’t one for you because we get the finer details which left me a little hot under the collar.

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I thought the writing overall was lyrical and moved with understanding of how to pull the reader in. The problem I guess is because it is so short we get very little character profiling or their emotions or feelings really at all and other than Nathan’s piercing green eyes we get very little description. The plot is quite implausible and lacks the give and take I would have liked to see. Although we all like a little heat it needs to come from something. Make the reader question whether it’s going to happen, make a little mischievous, play with the readers emotions, enjoy it. I think made a little longer; (because it is so short) this could have been played with.

Overall in terms of the writing of the erotic scenes, although very graphic they were enjoyable to read and a big contrast to any of the books I’m reading at the moment (i.e.: 1q84 and To Kill a Mocking Bird.) I think the author could definitely have made the book a little longer and played with the relationship between the two but for me this was a quick read, took me very little time at all and was a lovely escape for an hour or so.






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