30 thoughts that run through your mind during reading whilst waiting for the bus

Happy Friday readers, hope you are wonderfully well this lovely Friday. I wrote the post 45 Thoughts Whilst Writing a Book Review and thought it would be fun to write you another thought-style post. I unfortunately still cannot drive, so my mode of transport is a twice-daily bus to and from work. I cannot tell you the number the times I’ve almost or have missed the bus due to having my nose stuck in a book so here are my 30 thoughts that run through your mind during reading whilst waiting for the bus
1) Work is over, time to get home and binge watch ‘House of Cards’/’Breaking Bad,’/’Friends’
2) But first, have to get this bloody bus ride home done gah
3) There should have been one already,
4) Hmm..trusty book, this will kill some time
5) I’ve lost the book mark, oh worries me
6) *flips forward several pages*
7) *flips back several pages*
8) Ah, here we go.
9) Gah it is blowy today, my dress is going awol
10) Shucks, it’s cute though
Photo By Edgaras Maselskis
11) Is it odd to read whilst at the bus stop? No, course not
12) Oh gah the wind keeps blowing my pages about and I can’t concentrate
13) *beep* oh hello fellow colleague making your way home whilst I stand in the wind waiting for this goddamn bus *waves*
14) I must have been here half an hour. At least.
15) Oh it’s been five minutes.
16) What was I doing again? Oh reading,
17) Wouldn’t it look cute if I instagrammed this?
18) YES
19) *snaps picture* okaaaay, Instagram, apply filter
20) Bookworm at the bus stop 2K15 #bookworm #booklyfe
Photo By Barby Dalbosco
21) Gah, I am a social media legend
22) Back to le book, oh this bit is good, so glad this bus is a little late
23) *Reads Intently*
24) Shit is that the bus?
25) Where the hell is my ticket… oh that was the book mark
26) F****
27) No money on me! But wait, I see you Mr Bus Ticket
28) Although, the bus is now 1000000 metres away
29) At least I’ve got a book right
30) Now where was I? *reads*
 Photo By Stefan Kunze
I really enjoy writing these posts; something a little more creative from yours truly. Now where is that bloody bus?

10 thoughts on “30 thoughts that run through your mind during reading whilst waiting for the bus

  1. Denise says:

    Luckily I take the train to work, but if I do have to take the bus, “There should have been one already” usually features more than once on the list. I’ll have to get better at taking pictures so that I can Instagram!

    • littlebookblog says:

      Oh it’s so true isn’t it. I know unless I leave work on the dot, I will be waiting for that just gone bus and it always takes double the time it should! Haha I am the worst at Instagramming but I do enjoy it 🙂 xx

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