Every Day a Hope by Marci M. Matthews

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Helllllllllo readers and welcome to another review from yours truly. Today’s book is a little difficult to review as it’s the first of it’s kind that I’ve read before and that’s pretty exciting. The first thing to mention is that when this beautiful little book turned up it had inside a perfectly packaged envelope. When I opened it up out spilled an added envelope inside full of little stickers, a white feather and some sparkly bits. It made it feel all the more special.


Through tiny stories and illustrations, Every Day a Hope encourages and empowers readers to examine emotionally difficult issues, while instilling confidence, introspection, and creativity. In each page, Marci M. Matthews addresses familiar concepts in a unique manner, designed to evoke thoughts, feelings, changes in perspective, and the ability to embrace the positive. The concepts in Every Day a Hope are taken from Matthews’ work with survivors, but the book is accessible to anyone who wants to find new ways to approach life with a positive outlook. Accompanying pages encourage readers to embark on their own explorations by asking questions and providing space to draw, write, keep lists, and create in whatever ways inspire them the most.

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So I’ve tried to include a number of pictures to try and give an idea of what the book is but I think I would have to describe it as an inspirational, interactive, colouring-book style journal. It’s filled with little quotes, thoughts, pictures that are written in a way that you can colour in parts, draw in parts, and add your own bits and pieces as you work your way through. It’s the kind of book that you dip in and out of rather than sit down and read in one go I would say but you could pick it up open up a page and find a lovely little bit of inspiration or positive energy.

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Now normally I wouldn’t really be for this kind of book because it is very sweet and coy but I think it’s the perfect book for someone that needs a little lift. I’m not quite sure what the target audience is for the book because it doesn’t strike me as a young adult book but then the writing is quite young for an older audience. For me it’s wonderful. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been struggling a little. It comes with moving away from home, trying to work out what I want with my life and the like and this book is wonderful. I just pop it into my handbag and just add to it when and where I fancy. The cover is gorgeous and it could be easily mistaken for a journal so it doesn’t look like I’m scribbling in a book (although I am.) I think that it could be a real confidence booster for young girls thinking on it maybe eleven and up as it would be a really sweet way to inspire confidence in little young ladies.

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Overall I do really love this book; yes it’s a little quirky, a little cutesy and it won’t be for everyone but for me it’s a great little read. You can open it up, scribble away, read a little, write, tear pages out and pop them up on your mirror or in your diary. We are all dealing with things, no matter how big or small and this is the perfect pick-me-up. Also, good to note is that it isn’t preachy in anyway at all and that did surprise me. Sometimes self-help type books can become a little in your face but instead it’s a subtle and elegant book. I think it’s a wonderful present for friends and to put a smile on someone’s face.





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