Emoji Book Tag

So anyone that texts me on a regular basis will know that I am a sucker for an emoji. I can’t help myself popping in one of those little icons into all my texts. Or maybe a couple. Okay typing in lots of them! I saw this tag first on www.beachyreads.com run by the wonderful Jackie and thought it would be a little fun to complete my own.

How-To & What-Not:

Go through your phone and check out your 5 most frequently used then, find a book that best fits with how you feel about each emoji. Sounds simple, right?

My Emojis & Their Book Buddies:

So the first emoji is the *clapping hands emoji.* I use this emoji allllllllll the time. I use it mostly as a sarcastic addition when I’m messaging friends cause I’m a bit of a sarcastic madam. It can also be used when I’m agreeing with someone or I’ll just send a load for no reason whatsoever. The book I am going to use for this would be a clap of gratitude. I just finished reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and it was fantastic. Hands down fantastic. Bloody brilliant, if you haven’t read it yet where have you been? Go get a copy now, don’t even both reading the end of this, well maybe but off you go. Please it’s so worth it.

The second is the *speak no evil emoji.* I use this emoji (don’t you love that word) almost as much as the first. I use this more as a bashful kind of emotion so if someone says something sweet over text or I’m saying something silly but don’t want to seem dumb I pop one of these in. I don’t know really what it means now I come to think about it but so be it. The book that springs to mind is Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight? By Dan Bucatinsky. I listened to this as an audiobook around a year ago now but I stumbled upon my review of it a couple of days ago and thought I really should talk about this book more. It’s a wonderful tale of bringing up two little ones in a same sex marriage and the joys of the daily life of being a parent. A wonderful cute read.

The next one is, the *In Love emoji* gah how insipid. I send this one to my mumma b and my sister most days when I text them. I’ve had a bit of a wobble recently and have been dealing with my anxiety in a more definite way and these two sending me darling emoji’s has been super helpful. I think the book to go with this would have to be, If nobody speaks of remarkable things by Jon Mcgregor. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this book in a tag before but it is just so goddamn good. The way the text lilts along slowly giving the reader more and more information until suddenly we are hit in the jaw with the ending told in around two pages right at the end. Mesmerising.

Number four was the heart emoji but that’s a little similar so I’ve skipped it (oopsie) so next is the *scream emoji.* For this one I have gone with How to lose 14lbs in a week by Ian Probert. I talk about Johnny Nothing allllll the time but this book also needs a little praise. I adore the writing of this author and to take it to a much older generation of reader only helped to prove how strong the writing is as a whole. I recently read this book again whilst struggling to get through a reading slump and gah did it help! ^That’s me basically doing the *gah* face.

The final emoji is, *the bike emoji.* Maybe an odd choice, but when you see my post on our trip to Copenhagen it will make sense. I’m not sure how to connect this with a book but what has just come to mind is the cover of a book; The Biology of Luck by Jacob M Appel. One of my mothers work colleagues is a little poorly at the moment and I recommended this book to her, and recently I dug it out of my storage boxes to make sure it was as good as the first time I read it. Oh it was and it has a bicycle on the front. Perfect eh?

So that’s the end of the tag I now tag Stefani at caught read handed to complete this emoji tag cannot wait to see what you come up with! 

6 thoughts on “Emoji Book Tag

  1. Emma says:

    Just come across your blog and I love it! Just a quick question, I suffer with quite bad anxiety myself! Do you feel reading a lot helps you to escape that?

      • Emma says:

        I tend to just distract myself with pretty much anything but I’m going to start reading a lot more 😀 I think it’s good to read a really good book in order to escape and be in another person’s shoes and world for a few hours, as sad as that sounds 😛 xx

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