Monday Musing on Book Slumps

It’s Monday again *groans.* The weekend seems to go so quickly; by the time you manage to catch up on sleeping, cleaning, washing and squeeze in a review over the weekend it’s over. In the blink of an eye it often feels like. This morning I woke up exhausted to say the least.Travelling home for the weekend and sleeping in my old single bed back at my parents’ house seems to cause me numerous sleeping issues when I finally slump into my terribly cosy double back in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. However, ordering in pizza and watching Disney movies later might help me crash into bed and sleep properly. We’ll see. Monday’s suck.

Today I wanted to share with you a Monday Musing on the dreaded ‘book slump.’ I have been suffering a little from a dip in reading and it’s put me slightly behind in my review diary. So, as a Monday Musing I have come up with four ways to try and get rid of the dreaded reading slump.

1) Take a wander outside: I think sometimes reading can be lonely despite being surrounded by characters that create a new world for us in terms of our imagination. Take a walk in the sunshine or grab a cup of coffee with friends. I’ve found out over the last few weeks this not only makes me feel a lot better in myself but also reawakens that want to snuggle up in bed and have some me and a book time

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2) Try a different form of reading: If you’re a go to kindle reader it could be that that is ultimately causing the slump. Pick up a paper back, or pop on an audio book and the switch may help lift the dreaded curse of the book slump

3) Start afresh: If a certain book just isn’t getting you wound up to read set the book you’re reading down and pick something, anything else, up. It may not be the book is not worth a read but instead that it’s just not echoing with you as a reader, at that point in time. You can always go back and give it a go when the slump rises and you get back to being the happy go-lucky reader you regularly are.

4) If all else fails and I really mean all else, reality television shows may be the answer. If the reading slump continues to rage and you really can’t see a way out a good twenty minutes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will have you scurrying for the nearest book in no time

So there you go, four ways to combat the hated book slump. As always comments, queries, criticisms, or your own ways of dissuading the painful reading slump let me know. A little longer Monday Musing but I hope it has brightened today a little.

7 thoughts on “Monday Musing on Book Slumps

  1. Nish says:

    I’ve been in an awful book slump too. I’ve spent the time catching up on Game of Thrones episodes. It hasn’t done much for the reading slump, but still an enjoyable time nevertheless.

  2. Cassandra says:

    I have been in a terrible book slump myself. What also helps is this. Force yourself to read at least 15 pages a day and slowly once you get into the reading habit your interest grows enough for you to be heavily interested in reading. It is hard at first but it slowly works.

    These were some good tips. But, hey, Keeping up With the Kardashians is not so bad. Most of the time.

    • littlebookblog says:

      Oh no! Book slumps are honestly the worst!! Ah I see, I’ve never tried that I often give up after a couple of pages and then console myself that at least I tried! Haha no that’s true some of the things they come out with are hysterical 👏👏👏 xxx

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