Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction Part one by Stephanie Brother 

Happy Monday readers, and welcome to another little review from mylittlebookblog. Sometimes, I get a little tired when reading requests that state that a book is a best-seller or something that is adored, or utterly popular with all that read it. It doesn’t need to be for me to decide whether I’ll take a look, but if I do then hop over to Amazon and there are three reviews that are all unverified purchases I will get a little suspicious. Do you not think I double check? However I bit my tongue at the time and decided to give this a read. Coming to the end I think it’s time to give this my own review, and this time I’m not quite going to bite my tongue.

Brett and Kady’s parents were in love. Unfortunately, so were Brett and Kady… When their parents married, they knew that to entertain any thoughts of being together was hopeless. Brett and Kady had tried very hard to remain aloof and unconnected, and now they were forever doomed to be apart. Or were they? On the rare times they saw each other, Kady couldn’t help her forbidden attraction to Brett’s muscled, athletic body. She ached to drown in his beautiful blue eyes, and feel his passion as he made love to her. Brett was also madly torn by his intense feelings for Kady. He knew she was not available to him, but his need fought against his strong will…and his emotions were winning over against sound judgment! When Ted and Sarah married, Kady and Brett realized that their own dreams were now crushed and beyond reach. But then, Brett’s business success propelled him to the upper echelons of the rich and famous, where things took a decidedly unusual turn.

So first things first the premise of this book didn’t really appeal to me in the first place and the reviews that stated that the book took them to ‘forbidden areas of our imagination,’ it’s not something that  I spend my time thinking about. I’ve done a little research and according to Google this does happen, a little frequently. Or so the Mirror seems to suggest. Legally yes it’s okay. Recommended? Not so much but personal preference and all that. Either way  I think this delicate subject should be handled with maturity and thought. I think here it’s been handled with a little less dignity than many of the erotic books I have read.

We are thrown into the plot where, Brett and Kady’s parents meet, look into each other’s eye and seem to immediately feel the need to engage in a rather lusty and steamy first date. Two seconds later (does this happen in real life or am I missing out?) the two are engaged to be married and are rather hopelessly in love. This is then repeated in the second chapter from a different point of view (Ted, Brett’s father) and from here I started to lose what little interest I had to begin with. Their children, who it’s difficult to gage the ages of, have a penchant desire to both engage in a steamy relationship but also find themselves wholly in the love with each other and know they are destined to be together. (Does this really happen in real life I ask again?) These feelings appear to be realised at the wedding of their parents, who have no idea of their burgeoning feelings for one another and are blissfully overwhelmed by their new relationship. The plot moves with a little pace as they struggle to deal with their feelings with one another.

So, technicalities. After researching a little into the legalities of dating a step-sibling I thought that there was a potential plot-line there although not one that would appeal to me necessarily (looking for positives here.) I thought the start was a little messy and moved around too quickly and without real direction and I found that the starting of the relationship between the parents either needed to be better explained or left out. I did think that Kady was written well and she did portray the feelings that you would associate with the moral dilemma of dating someone that is your brother even if only legally. But the writing is overall immature and lacking in any sense of clarity of artistic writing style. There is also very little description, other than the erotic scenes which did work a little although were messy at times. For me, when the story relates so strongly on the characters and their feelings, and wants, and desires there needed to be more emphasis on this to make the story feel realistic. This then made the sex scenes a little lacking in emotion. I thought the ending helped to pull the reader in and make them read the next instalment but for me I had been lost already.

All-in-all, this book really didn’t appeal in terms of the writing of the book, the enabling of the plot and the writing of the characters. I think that a plot-line like this needs to be handled with care, because there is already a lot of taboo surrounding a relationship like this and I think this author didn’t. Nope, not at all. For me, it needs a lot of work and I wouldn’t recommend this book because I didn’t enjoy it and I found it hard to finish. You may not feel the same but for me, this honestly just didn’t work.

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