The Second Coming: Welcome to the two year anniversary of mylittlebookblog


The two year anniversary celebrations have begun today on mylittlebookblog and it’s only going to get better from here on out. Over the past twenty four months I have met some exceptional authors and read some truly outstanding books which I have adored reviewing. I thought it would be really special to include a re-share of some of my favourites from the past two years and have them write a lovely guest post for you as part of this bookish festivity. If I could have included all the authors I’ve spoken to I would have done but we might be here for a little while longer so I’ve picked a couple and I’m going to explain to you why they’re so goddamn wonderful and a little thank you from mylittlebookblog.


 Ian Probert: It would be an understatement to say Ian inspires me as a writer in every way possible. Since reading his first book all that time ago I have been in awe of his writing style, his dark humour, his ability to spin anything a little rude and his devious and outspoken topics of writing. His writing gives as good as it gets every, single, time. Whether it’s a guest post, Q+A, and obviously his novels it is all tip-top wonderful and I cannot wait to see more from this exceptional author in the future. It has been a pleasure to work, and continue to work with this author.


 K.E Coles: Karen is a new author friend but it’s been wonderful to meet her and work with her at mylittlebookblog. Before reviewing her book Mesmeris I was really not a fan of YA literature or fiction and was still harbouring a grudge against fantasy fiction on the whole, however I took a punt on this authors books and thank goodness I did. Both the books drew me in and made me feel wholly consumed by this new world. I always thought YA fiction wasn’t really for me and suited a younger reader but these books have completely turned those views around and introduced me to new author as well. Being able to ask her to help me celebrate my two year anniversary and hear how excited she was be involved makes me feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community! (Her wonderful book Mesmeris is one of my give away books too!)

The Vault cover

 Karen Long: Karen is another recently met author but her style of writing and her impeccable attention to detail throughout her books is stunning and meant she had to be included in this anniversary tour. Having the pleasure of being part of her book tour and kicking it off on the first day a number of months back was a really rewarding experience. I’m a reader at heart and reading Karen’s book I was so consumed and there were so many extra questions I wanted to be able to call her up and ask her about the main character, where she got the idea, the information and she did that; she answered all my babbling questions and then suggested we should one day to get together and talk all things bookish. These authors make blogging so special and Karen is definitely one who has made me proud to be a book blogger.

Kindle attempt 2

 Katie Cross: Katie Cross is an author that inspires me as a book blogger. I think most book bloggers harbour a desire to get a book published and if I ever managed to churn out something as sophisticated and well written as Katie effortlessly does I will be a happy lady. When I started blogging it was a little lonely because I wasn’t blogging consistently. Those feelings of anxiety as to whether to shut it down completely during the first few months were quashed by the constantly wonderful comments from Katie. Taking part in Katie’s blog tour a year or so ago was a turning point in terms of blogging. It is to date my most viewed day in the entirety of the two years and proved to me how good blogging could be. That day was euphoric in the number of likes, comments and views and I cannot thank Katie enough for her kind and wonderful words to this day.


 Jonas Lee: I have met consistently wonderful authors over the past two years but none quite like the amazing Jonas Lee. I have seen him grow as an author so much over the past months and I hope as a blogger I’ve helped contribute to this. As well as being a fantastic author (read, my reviews of his books here & here,) he also managed to get something out of me that has so far eluded me. Jonas made me come out of my shell and put my writing out there for others to read. I sit here nice and pretty on mylittlebookblog, critiquing and commenting but to actually get me to put pen to paper and put my name out there I learnt a lot. Being part of the write club/fight club has been a brilliant experience and although my second bout so far hasn’t quite gone to plan, I cannot wait to get back in the ring and start writing again. Jonas helped to get that out of me, and his writing is pretty darn good to.


Rachael Ritchey: Rachael is a new blogging friend to mylittlebookblog but she’s one of those people that make you sit up and think this is what blogging is all about. She has made me feel so lucky to meet her as a writer and helping promote her book and to  have her write a blog post for me has been so incredibly special. Meeting an author like her makes this all the more worth it and I can’t wait to share her guest post with you today.

Six exceptional authors, six slightly over-written, emotional and rambling thank you notes from me, and six sure to be stunning guest posts. Check back during the week and join us as the festivities and celebrations of the two year anniversary of mylittlebookblog continue.

14 thoughts on “The Second Coming: Welcome to the two year anniversary of mylittlebookblog

  1. E. Rawls says:

    Congratulations! *throws confetti* *brings out chocolate cake*
    I just finished reading The Beauty Thief and loved it; I’m so glad you included Rachael, she’s a wonderful person. 🙂

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