The Second Coming: W W W Wednesdays

W W W Wednesday

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So the anniversary celebrations are well on the way and it’s going to continue right the way through to Sunday (*squeals*) There will be a lot of posts over the next couple of days so apologies for the sudden influx but they are all brilliant. Even if I say so myself. Additionally don’t forget to enter my give-aways. (see here-) Some utterly brilliant books for you to get your mitts on. For now, onto my W W W Wednesday post. If you’d like to see the original please click here.

So I am currently reading two books: To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee and Jay Rayner’s The Apologist. Two completely contrasting books but definitely worth a read (so far at least.) To Kill a Mocking Bird is the next on my classics list and The Apologist was bought due to my slight obsession with his restaurant reviews for The Guardian. This book almost matches in terms of style but more of that in the review scheduled for the start of next month.


I’ve recently finished ‘How To Keep A Pet Squirrel’ by Axel Sceffler . This is a really lovely tale that was left behind by a friend who was at the time storing a few bits and bobs in my cellar after we finished our time at university. On moving day a few books accidentally got left behind (sorry Ella!) They will all make it back to her in good time but I had a little peak in this one and thought it was delightful. Review up later this week folks.


Hmmmm, next book? I have had a lot of requests the past few weeks but I think it will be Four Seats: A Thriller of the Supreme Court by Aaron Cooley. I adore crime thrillers and this has a political spin on in. Seeing the current state of Britain’s politics being whipped up into a frenzy this will work perfectly.

As always comment, critiques, questions: you know the drill.


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