Mylittlebookblog nominated for The Creative Blogger Award


So, I haven’t done a blogging award style post in a little while because although I love nominating people and writing out these posts recently I’ve just felt a little odd accepting them, I’m not sure why. However one that has so far eluded me is the Creative Blogger Award. It’s sods law isn’t it, but I received two nominations for this award this week so thank you to both Jo at and Casey who runs I do think blogging awards are a wonderful way of showing people blogs you really enjoy reading. I know these awards often want you to nominate fifteen or more but I’ve decided to pick six really great blogs that I wanted to share with you.

 The Rules

 Nominate 15-20 (cough six) blogs and notify all nominees via their social media or blogs

Thank the blogger who nominated you and post the link of said blog

Share five facts about yourself to your readers

So here are my nominations in no particular order: 

1) Rachael:

2) Tash:

3) Thimble and Rose:

4) Sam:

5) Melissa:

6) Tara:

Five Facts about Lizzy from mylittlebookblog (I was going to keep them creative, but then decided against it. Not sure why.)

1)      I recently found out that my white eyebrow and my white eyelashes are due to suffering from something called Vitiligo. I was reading a Buzzfeed long read and it was about someone that also suffered it. It’s not causing me any issues and I only have two or three patches on my stomach and one on the inside of my leg but it’s nice to finally give it a name

2)      I currently have two perfectly circular bruises next to each other on the side of my left knee. I have no idea how they got there but they’re a purplish addition to my pearly white legs

3)      These facts are a little weird, but, after a couple of months having my tragus piercing stuck in my ear it’s fallen out during the night and sealed itself right up. Nightmare.

4)      Little bit of a promotional spiel but on the 29th of April I will be celebrating the two year anniversary of mylittlebookblog! There are so many exciting things going to be posted between then and the 3rd of May so yes, come and back and read if you fancy.

5)      Finally, I’m about to eat a cup of leek and potato soup and that sounds pretty great

So five utterly odd and weird facts about me and congratulations to all nominated; I know some bloggers are adverse to these blogging awards but it’s also something a little different and lets me share with you all the blogs I’m utterly loving at the moment.


14 thoughts on “Mylittlebookblog nominated for The Creative Blogger Award

  1. Inspired By The Page says:

    I really like the facts you’ve chosen! They’re really unique to you which makes it that much more interesting. Btw, I love your blog!

  2. thimbleandrose says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination! Our official 1 year bloggiversary on the 28th of April! Weird! It is always really nice to hear someone enjoys what you write! Love the facts you have chosen – got to love the randomness! Also we’ve really enjoyed checking out your other nominations 🙂 Thank you again we will try and get a response sorted!

    • littlebookblog says:

      Thank you for accepting my nomination. I’m a fairly recent follower I think but I love all your posts and think your blog is beautiful! I know they are so random but I thought why not mix it up a bit 🙂 looking forward to seeing your facts! xxx

  3. readerlygeek says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination!! I loved how random your facts were (and I hope you enjoyed your soup, by the way).

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