Musing Mondays


Happy Monday readers; yes it’s that time of the week again  where we drag our aching bones from warm beds and hazily stumble into the daily grind of work once again. It’s only the 9th of March and I’m having a pretty productive month already. I’ve overhauled my theme and working on some new graphics and already I think it’s so much fresher, brighter and cleaner. I’ve also managed (somehow) to review five books this month with two being classics and one purple flower has finally sprung from my purple hyacinth and it is beautiful. To get us through another Monday, I have a little musing for you, a meme by the wonderful Jenn at A Daily Rhythm 

This musing comes from the line ‘I’m currently reading.’ If you’re a regular reader of MLBB you will know I’m currently completing a challenge to read ten classic books. Now I’ve started it, it seems like such a small number to read because so far each that I have read has shown me something new. You can see the reviews so far on my 101 things in 1001 days page  and this week there will be a review of the book I’m currently reading; ‘Factotum by Charles Bukowski.’ I’m only a third or so in but already it’s pulling all the right strings. It’s blunt, brutal whilst also sharp and snappy. It’s also plunging through the plot pace wise with no abandon. I picked it up because the blurb quoted,

‘Not since George Orwell has the condition of being down-and-out been so well recorded: The New York Times.’

Now I loved George Orwell’s book ‘Down and Out in Paris and in London,’ and so with this book being described in this way I couldn’t help myself but take this one out too. Since I started the challenge I’ve been inundated with suggestions of books that will intrigue and interest me. Only last week my dear friend Otis came round and we sat up until just before 1am talking about classic literature and eating my Grandmother’s shortbread. My parents who have always encouraged my love of reading have also suggested books and we have spent a great deal of time discussing classic authors and their books.

Additionally on entering the library this week, one of the librarians took me aside and told me that the library has a vast number of classics that are kept away because there just isn’t space for them on the shelves. Seeing me perusing the shelf ‘named classics,’ he told me to let him know if there were any I wanted but couldn’t see because he would go down and personally find them for me. I’ve been missing out all this time on some exceptional books because a small fraction of classic literature had left me cold and cynical. I think this 101 things challenge has been the most eye-opening so far and I cannot wait to get stuck into more even when the challenge has been completed.

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