A new look for mylittlebookblog.com


Good morning,

Just a quick post; it’s looking a little different here at mylittlebookblog. I’m testing out a new theme and working on some new design features and looks for my blog. I think after two years we needed a bit of a freshen up. The content isn’t going to change at all I assure you; still the same content heavy in-depth reviews, quirky quotes and lovely bookish images just a little different looks wise. If I doesn’t go down well we’ll be reverting back but I needed a change and I think mylittlebookblog did too. This is utterly terrifying, but comments as always would be wonderful


12 thoughts on “A new look for mylittlebookblog.com

  1. sjhigbee says:

    I really love the banner view – the only observation is that your sub-title, being in black letters, is completely lost in amongst the darkness. Could you perhaps make the lettering white?

  2. laura says:

    I love love love your layout – it is just beautiful! I wish I had more skills to update mine but I’m not there yet. It is really clear and easy to read. Now to get into the content 🙂

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