101 things in 1001 days: Leave a message in a book (and leave the book somewhere)


101 things in 1001 days

Good evening readers, a very sweet 101 things post today on mylittlebookblog.

Just under a month ago on Friday the 6th of February I came home after an incredibly long week at work and immediately turned the boiler on and poured a large glass of rose. Washing and plaiting my hair, popping on my pyjamas and grabbing hold of the book I was reading I got into bed before realising I had three missed calls and a number of texts. Calling back the first missed call which was an unknown number a very excited Miss Anna Simpson answered the phone telling me that her wonderful boyfriend Adam had proposed at the top of the Shard.

After a couple of excited screams and laughter she told me that they would be in Soho for the rest of the evening and that if it would be so special to get the girls together and come down and celebrate. Immediately phone was put down, playsuit on and my hair dried whilst constantly phoning my friends to discuss plans I threw my purse, makeup, book, phone and phone charger into a bag and called a couple of taxi firms. Within forty minutes I was on a train desperately trying to call Hope and Leanne. See after a full day of work all of our phones were almost drained of battery and attempting to meet up in the same spot in Euston was proving difficult but on planning I settled down to read.

Upon finishing the book I thought to myself wouldn’t it be perfect to complete one of the 101 things in 1001 days challenge and write a message in said book and leave it on the train to commemorate such a special jounrney. So borrowing a pen off the girl sat next to me (who I happened to know,) I quickly penned a message into the book. It read.

To the person that finds this book my name is Lizzy and I run a lovely little book blog called mylittlebookblog.com. I’m completing a list of tasks and one is to write a message in a book and leave it somewhere. It just so happens that right now I am on a last minute train to celebrate the surprise engagement of two friends. I’m leaving this book here to commemorate this incredibly special journey and what today means to my two dear friends. Marriage is a crazy adventure of love, hope and faith in one another and as this lovely book is based on faith in religion it was rather fitting. Maybe you’ll get in touch and let me know where this book ends up or maybe not. Thank you for picking me up, having a read and being part of this special journey. Lizzy xxx

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Leaving the book once I hit London we had an incredibly special evening celebrating the engagement of two incredibly dear friends. The wine was flowing and the stories of the engagement told with excited giggles from us girls trying to get a good look at the ring. It was a perfect night and upon travelling back to Milton Keynes later that evening, nearing midnight there was many a talk about who would be the next. We’ll have to see whether that comes true.

photo 4

I’ve left this post a month to see whether anyone did get in touch and nothing so far. It could be lounging around somewhere waiting to be picked up but I’m not too hopeful.  Either way, it was an incredibly lovely way to commemorate a special evening with two people that really are perfect for each other.

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6 thoughts on “101 things in 1001 days: Leave a message in a book (and leave the book somewhere)

  1. Hope says:

    This is my absolute favourite post. It makes me so happy to remember that spontaneous very special night. I can’t wait to see who’s next!

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