The Broke and The Bookish: Top Ten Bookish Problems


So this week I decided to take part in the weekly meme hosted by the rather lovely ‘The Broke and The Bookish.’ Each week they have a different question or thought of the day and lots of wonderfully bookish bloggers join in sharing their thoughts on the question of the week. This week’s is to share Ten Top Book Related Problems I have as a reader. It’s difficult to only think of ten but I’ve given it a go. If you have any comments or would like to share your own as always pop them in the comments.

1) Finishing a wonderful book: This has to be the worst book related problem. When you’re just so into a book and then it ends. I’m always left thinking what do I do now?

2) Missing the bus because you’re reading an incredibly absorbing book: This could just be me but I am always so close to missing the bus or I do miss the bus because I’ve got my nose in a book. Saying that at least I’ve always got something to read whilst waiting for the next one

3) TBR lists: I can’t even contemplate having a TBR read list because it would never end and I’m not ready to admit to myself I might never get to read them all

4) Forgetting to take back library books, or losing them in the stacks of my other books; I swear library books deliberately elude me. Currently I have three out and they have to stay in sight otherwise they will hibernate somewhere where I will never find them

5) Getting a cold arm whilst reading in bed or in the bath; I hate it when I’m all snuggled in bed and my left arm is stuck out of the covers and it just gets freezing cold. Not cool.

6) Books with hype surrounding them: I avoid them like the plague then give in and miss the excitement if I’ve really enjoyed the book and feel like I’ve missed the boat, which I inevitably have ( cough TFIOS)

7) Reading an amazing book by an author, reading another and it’s not as good; Ever have that? You read one book and it’s so good so you go out and buy, beg, borrow a number of their other books and they’re just not as good! RAWR

8) Tiredness from reading too late: I am such a child when it comes to bedtimes, if I want to finish a book I will. So Lizzy, why do you look like you’ve just fallen out of bed this morning? Well I was reading till three in the morning and I slept in. Right…

9) Sudden endings; When an author takes you all the way through a book keeping up the suspense and the pace is just hurtling through and then they suddenly throw an ending at you. No, don’t do that, c’mon!

10) Getting a dead little finger when reading in bed: Is it just me or is it impossible to get cosy whilst reading in bed and also not sending your little finger to sleep?

So there’s me and my bookish problems what are yours?

7 thoughts on “The Broke and The Bookish: Top Ten Bookish Problems

  1. eclecticalli says:

    Finishing a wonderful book.
    I hadn’t thought of that as a problem but you are SO right… it’s so hard when it ends.. and you’re stuck sitting there, wishing you could still be in the book.

    • littlebookblog says:

      It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it, because often there are pages at the back for thank you’s or other books the writer has written so you never quite know when the last page is going be! It’s so horrible when you realise that it’s all over but then you get the chance to read it all over again!

  2. bellarah says:

    I got yelled at by a bus driver the other week because I hailed the bus at the last second because I was absorbed in my book!
    I hate hype and getting a cold arm in equal measure 😛

    • littlebookblog says:

      I nearly missed the bus yesterday because of reading and then I got yelled at by the bus driver because I had my nose stuck in the book whilst holding my arm out so he’d have to stop!
      I wish I could hold a book half as well in my right hand, because then I could swap and then also stop my little finger from going dead. It’s a tough life for a reader 🙂 ❤

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