Thoughtful Thursdays and Sophie and Suze’s review challenge

Good afternoon readers; whilst I was writing down my facts about my blogging habits I started thinking about my review writing habits generally. I have a lovely book review notebook that allows me to write down all my ideas about a book, general thoughts  positive and negative comments, grammatical or spelling mistakes and the like. I do write very in-depth reviews generally because I have so much to say however it does mean that reviews seem to take me forever. A few days ago whilst trawling through my twitter feed (@littlebookblog1) I stumbled upon Sophie and Suze’s review challenge. The idea is basically that you review as many books as you can in ten days starting January 23rd (so tomorrow.)

Although this is something I normally wouldn’t do (because I’m so busy with 1000001 other things) I honestly  want to see whether I can sustain the detailed analysis that I normally try and incorporate into my reviews but also manage to get one done each night that I take part in the challenge. If it is too difficult I will be cutting down the number because I don’t want my reviews to suffer but I think it will be interesting to see how I do. There are a number of bloggers taking part, I’m actually blogger number seventeen, and  each will be attempting a different number of reviews.

I’m going to attempt one a day although I think this will be a struggle for me. Although I type relatively quickly it feels like it takes an age for me to fully collate my thoughts and get everything straightened out. If you’d like to sign up and join me or have any thoughts on getting reviews done or whether you think it’s a tough enough goal I would love to know! See all the information, links and sign up here!


The second part of this post is that I have not done a Thoughtful Thursday’s post in weeks. I have been so busy and disorganised with my posting and this year I really want to get a schedule sorted so I can post more regularly and consistently. To match up with the review challenge above, my question for you today is,

‘What is one most important thing you’ve learnt whilst writing reviews?’

Mine would have to be that there is no one way to review a book and I’ve discussed this before, but I’ve learnt that giving ratings doesn’t necessarily help in reviewing a book more succinctly as it doesn’t allow for this; for me at least! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

One thought on “Thoughtful Thursdays and Sophie and Suze’s review challenge

  1. Christopher Chinchilla says:

    Hi Lizzy! Great post. I love that you’re always willing to challenge yourself. I like that you’ve set yourself some boundaries too–if the challenge becomes too frazzling, you have the courage to take a step back and reevaluate. That’s the way to lead a balanced, productive, happy life!

    I don’t write reviews too often, but for the brief reviews I’ve written, I’d say I’ve learned to take everything in context. I may not agree with the overall theme of a book, but still find it masterfully executed (as with Fitzgerald’s *Gatsby*). Or I might think the theme is superb, but the execution–writing, characterization, plot, etc.–is a little wanting (as with Collins’ *Hunger Games*). I take into consideration what I like and don’t like–and what I think the author was trying to accomplish–and see it all as a united whole. Sometimes, this leads me to reevaluate something about the book. For example, when I first read *Ceremony* by Leslie Marmon Silko, I thought the way she broke up sections in the book was distasteful (no chapter divisions, just continuous page breaks interlaced with poetry). However, I came to realize that the book itself is a sort of Native American “ceremony,” and so the way she breaks up segments is meant to transition, yet maintain a consistent flow with the whole. It was actually a masterful choice that I didn’t see until I considered the book as a whole, my views, and what I thought the author was trying to accomplish.

    Sorry for this super-long answer, but I liked your question! Thanks, Lizzy.

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