Two year anniversary for mylittlebookblog

So yesterday was the two year anniversary of me becoming a bookblogger and I for one can testify that blogging is a wonderful wonderful pastime (although maybe time commitment is a more honest label!) Back in 2013 when I started this blog in March I wasn’t nervous because the only person reading it would be my dearest mother. How wrong was I? Over 2000 followers later and with the site being viewed over 30,000 times I can honestly say I am blown away by the support and readership I have gained. It infiltrates every day of my life and my friends will testify that I take weekends off just to read, write and blog snuggled up in bed with a tub of pringles and a stash of pepsi max.

Two years ago I was just reviewing books from my shelves at home. Now I have an email inbox stacked with review requests which after some consideration I have to say will not be closing any time soon. I have authors coming back time and time again to work with me and readers telling me how much they enjoy my reviews. I’m working with publishers and reading every minute that I can spare. I was worried that book blogging would ruin reading for me but instead it has only helped to grow that need to read and my hunger to find my new favourite book. There are so many out there waiting to be explored and I am doing my damnest to read as many as physically possible.

So today, I thought to commemorate my two year (and one day) anniversary I would write down some of my quirks about blogging. I did this about my reading habits a little while ago and I thought that I would do the same with my blogging habits! Hope you enjoy J

1) I almost always blog in my pyjamas: This is something that has happened because my house (that currently live in) throughout the year is the coldest place I’ve ever lived. I recently bought an electric heater which is a life saver that costs me the earth in electricity. The heater appeared but the pjs stuck. No idea why; comfy lizzy, a good book and being warm = blogging perfection.

2) I read all my posts out loud: Every single post that I write gets read aloud before it is sent off to It’s a habit that I’ve got into but it helps me get the right feel and the right spacing in sentences. It also helps me pick up mistakes (not all I know,) and make sure that I haven’t duplicated words or used the word wonderful to often (it’s my word of the moment.)

3) I introduced the 101 feature to bring a more personal feature to MLBB: In 2014 I added the 101 things in 1001 days feature which has really helped me to bring a more private side of my life to my blog. I think it’s very easy to get an idea of me through my reviews (notably I talk too much and have a strong opinion about most things.) However I wanted to blog more of an insight into my own life. It doesn’t feature too heavily but I rather like it.

4) I carry a notepad everywhere to collate ideas: Before blogging I was the least organised person in the world (my friends and relatives will again testify this) however I now have to organise everything. Writing for three online publications and a full time job and blogging makes me a very busy lady. Keeping a notebook for the sudden ideas, normally occurring in the most difficult of situations (namely the bath or on a bus somewhere) I can quickly scribble bits down and bring them to the blog and to you.

5) Reviews take me forever to write: I don’t know whether this is the same for all reviewers but writing them and collecting your thoughts all together just seems to take forever. Maybe I’m just really slow but it feels like I should be getting quicker at getting it all down on paper but not yet it seems

6) My favourite part of blogging is getting to read all your lovely comments: I have heard that the blogging world can be a tough one sometimes. Either it’s a little lonely or people can be harsh with comments. So far I’ve had neither really (fingers crossed it doesn’t happen!) I love getting notifications and suggestions and reminders of other books I’ve said the same about. I’m normally behind on replying but I read them all 🙂

7) I don’t post anything in advance: This is something I’ve toyed with because now I work seven days a week posting at night can be difficult with having to sort out hundreds of other bits such as keeping the house in shape and seeing friends. However I seem to lose spontaneity if I post in advance it’s just something that doesn’t seem to work for me

8) I’m not embarrassed to say my blog is for both authors and readers: I had a bit of a wobble a couple of months back. Someone seemed to take a comment I had written about reviewing personally and decided to out me on it. It wasn’t cruel and it’s fair to have your own opinion but it did knock me for six and made me really think about why I do this. I called Mumma B and we chatted it out. My blog is ultimately for my readers and readers of books, but that is authors too. I couldn’t do what I do without them and I’m glad that I get to bring those books to the readers of mylittlebookblog. My reviews are honest and original and I have no qualms in saying that they written for everyone

9) Blogging constantly changes my views on different genres: Anyone that reads mylittlebookblog frequently will know that my favourite genre is historical fiction however before I rarely touched YA books or fantasy and preferred ‘chicklits’ (I still dislike that word.) Now, when a fantasy YA appears I get a little excited and giddy. Blogging has opened the door to new genres and new stories that I previously wouldn’t have touched!

10) Being a book blogger has doubled my reading slumps: Argh the dreaded book slumps. Since I started blogging my book slumps have doubled at least. Book slumps ultimately suck but they occur when you’re reading triple the amount you used to. During 2014 I reviewed just over 120 books give or take a few I half read (tut tut Miss Baldwin) but honestly the increase in book reading definitely wins out overall.

So there you have it, ten facts about me and my blog. I really wanted to finish this post with a thank you to all of you who have made this dream a reality these past two years. I have fallen head over heels with blogging and the people I have met and chatted to, emailed and called it’s been amazing. I cannot wait for the next blog anniversary. And just a small thank you to my outstanding parents who brought me up on a rich diet of reading. I love you two to bits you nutters J ❤

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13 thoughts on “Two year anniversary for mylittlebookblog

  1. Christopher Chinchilla says:

    Congratulations, Lizzy! I know how busy you are because of how long it took for you to review my novella, *The Woman Alone.* While I waited, I saw almost daily blog posts from you, so I could tell that you were truly working hard. Your review was worth the wait. I really appreciate it. Without doubt, your success is well-deserved. Like I mentioned in our recent email chat, I’ll be sending you a copy of my novella soon. You said in your review of it that you’d be proud to have it on your shelf. Well, the reality is that *I’d* be proud if you owned a copy. I’ll sign it, of course…but someday I need to get *your* autograph! Keep up the AMAZING work. All my love!

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